Civilization VI, Turn-Based Strategy Game Arrives on Android Two Years After iOS Release

Civilization is a series of turn-based strategy video games, first released in 1991. Sid Meier developed the first game in the series and has had creative input for the rest of the series. His name is usually included in these games’ formal titles, such as Sid Meier’s Civilization. There are six main games in the series, several expansion packs and spin-off games, and board games inspired by the video game series. The series is considered a formative example of the 4X genre. Players achieve victory through four routes: “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate.” All titles within the series share similar gameplay, centered on building a civilization on a macro-scale from prehistory up to the near future. Each turn allows the player to move their units on the map, develop or improve new cities and units, and initiate negotiations with the human or computer-controlled players. The player will also choose technologies to research. These reflect the cultural, intellectual, and technical sophistication of the civilization, usually allowing the player to create new units or improve their cities with new structures. In most games within the series, one may win by military conquest, achieving a particular level of culture, building an interstellar spaceship, or achieving the best score, among other means. Later games have introduced gameplay concepts and victories based on religion, economics, and diplomacy.

Meier had adapted an approach for every new title. It contains a 3rd of existing features, another third that are improvements from the previous game, and therefore the remaining third as introducing new features. Newer games often include extendable downloadable content that adds to the game and sometimes will become a part of the new features within the next main game of the series. Meier first developed the series while at MicroProse, the studio he co-founded. After Spectrum Holobyte acquired MicroProse, Meier left with other designers to form Firaxis Games in 1996, which has been the series’s principal developer. Over the years, a number of the crew involved in developing the series became successful in producing their strategy games, like Bruce Shelley (Civilization co-designer) age of Empires fame, Brian Reynolds (Civilization II lead designer and programmer), who went on to make Rise of nations, and Soren Johnson (Civilization III co-designer and Civilization IV lead designer and programmer), who worked on Spore and Offworld Trading Company. Some issues related to the Civilization name, due to the 1980 Civilization parlor game created by Francis Tresham, arose during the late 1990s but are resolved through agreements, settlements, and publisher acquisitions; presently, Take-Two, the parent company of Firaxis, owns full rights to both the name and property for the series. As of February 2017, the series has shipped over 40 million total units.

Two years ago, Apple got its chance at Civilization VI. Now two years later, Andriod gets their opportunity. In full 30FPS glory. Sid Meier’s Civilization series has been a mainstay on PCs since the first game’s release in 1991. However, developer Firaxis has occasionally dabbled in console and mobile titles. The last game to form an appearance on Android was Civilization Revolution 2 in 2014, a simplified version of the standard Civ formula. Still, now a full-blown port of the latest main game has arrived on Android. Civilization VI was first released on PC in 2016, but it has since been ported to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Aspyr Media handled the game’s release on iOS two years ago, which was widely regarded as an excellent port. Now publisher 2K has enlisted Aspyr once again to develop the Android version. The base game is already a complete experience. Still, the two primary expansion packs are also available for purchase: Rise and Fall ($30) and Gathering Storm ($40). Like on PC, a variety of other civilizations and scenarios are available for $5-$9 a pop. On Android, you can play the game for free until you reach turn 60, then you must pay a one-time fee of $20 to unlock the whole experience. The in-app purchase also enables local multiplayer support with other iOS and Android devices.

As great as it is to see a real Civilization game on Android, there are some catches. First, this may be the most GPU-demanding Android game ever published. Aspyr has a full list of compatible devices, and right now, it’s entirely composed of flagship phones released over the past two years (plus the Tab S6). However, you can sideload the game from APKMirror to try your luck with other devices.

  • Google Pixel 4
  • Google Pixel 4 XL
  • LG G7 ThinQ
  • LG G8s ThinQ
  • LG G8X ThinQ
  • LG V50 ThinQ 5G
  • LG V50S ThinQ 5G
  • LG V60 ThinQ 5G
  • OnePlus 6
  • OnePlus 6T
  • OnePlus 7
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • OnePlus 7 Pro 5G
  • OnePlus 7T
  • OnePlus 7T Pro
  • Razer Phone 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon only)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ (Snapdragon only)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
  • Sony Xperia 1
  • Sony Xperia 5
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

You may also notice there are no Chromebooks on that list. Not including any Chrome OS devices feels like a missed opportunity to me, especially since there’s (presumably) keyboard and mouse support in the code somewhere. Still, perhaps there are not enough people using high-end Chromebooks to make it worth the effort. Even if you have a supported device, Civ VI does not run very well.

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