Claimed to be the official GTA VI release date stream trolls’ fans in a horrible way

In the past year, we have seen a slew of GTA VI leaks and rumors, but none yet have come to actual fruition including a release date. I mean, is there a rush? GTA online is still very successful in making tons of money for Rockstar. Red Dead Redemption 2 came out for PC not too long ago and we anticipate they will begin making a heavy online content push. Rockstar will eventually make an announcement when they feel like it.

Recently a Twitch channel named GTAVI popped up which had a convincing logo on it. It also had a pink background with some palm trees inside the VI graphic and most noticeably a countdown timer! At first glance, it seemed to be possible. The pranksters also dressed the channel with Rockstar games links and a message saying, “our official Grant Theft Auto VI Twitch Channel.” and describing that, “throughout the next coming days we’ll see broadcasting announcements and sneak peaks live through the power of Twitch!”

I admit it had us going for a moment but then looking deeper into the text and noticing grammatical errors like using the word “peaks instead of “peeks” ended up changed our minds. You will also notice the channel was not verified by Twitch and ultimately the expiration date for the timer was April 1st, 2020 April Fool’s day. Worst troll ever. Please be advised to not play with our GTA VI release date emotions!

It’s important we brace ourselves for more troll type leaks like this one, people are really bored under quarantine from the Coronavirus pandemic. Be wary of what you are looking at and try not to feed the trolls or they will come out in droves. Rockstar up to this date has provided no information about a GTA VI release date but we will have it for you as soon as it’s real.

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