Clash of Clans Launches Largest Update Ever Clan Capital

The biggest Clash of Clans update ever is now live in the game beginning today. Called Clan Capital, it has players build huge mountain fortresses with Clanmates and sees them work together in collaborative battles against enemy Capitals for great rewards.

Ahead of its 10th anniversary, Clash of Clans is celebrating by adding a huge new social feature called Clan Capital, a mountain retreat where a Clan can build a Capital base together in the clouds, which is available now. In addition to giving all players a new way to build together, Clan Capitals also let players attack together as their Clan attacks rival Clan Capitals in collaborative raids on the weekends; the first recurring weekly event ever in Clash of Clans.

The Clan Capital is a Clan’s home in the sky that they build together and traverse in style with a new Air Ship. Players will forge Capital Gold to upgrade their Capital’s buildings and defenses. New Districts of the Capital can be unlocked as players upgrade their Capital Hall and rebuild their Capital from ruins into a sprawling symbol of their Clan’s power.

When the weekend comes, players can join their clanmates to take down rival Capitals. The damage done to an enemy Capital from a friendly clanmate will reflect during players’ successive attacks, allowing clanmates to truly help each other take down enemy Districts. When raiding an enemy Capital, Clans will attack District by District, and if successful, ascend the entire enemy Clan Capital mountain to victory. Raiding Clan Capitals will earn players rewards to accelerate the progress of their own Clan Capital, Home Village, and Builder Base. Raid Medals can be used at the new Trader or to add reinforcements to a player’s Clan Capital.

The Clan Capital will serve as an important platform for all kinds of future content and features as Clans continue to build and battle together in the clouds.

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