Classic Title Returns to iOS and Android with New Updates and Features Today!

Originally released by Relentless Software in 2013, captivating mystery game, Murder Files: The Enigma Express is back by popular demand. With over 4.5 million downloads since launch, Enigma Express returns with new improved social features, gameplay updates, a roadmap of additional content and chapters to follow in the coming years, plus traditional Chinese language support. Murder Files: The Enigma Express launches on iOS and Android App Stores, 13th September, 2018.

Players begin their investigation at a London train station after a well renowned detective agency has sent them out to solve a particularly curious case. Eight seemingly useless objects have been stolen from a secret vault belonging to Five Fingers, an incarcerated criminal mastermind. Players must find out who took the objects, what purpose could they now serve, and why they are worth killing for…

Murder Files: The Enigma Express features:

• Intriguing and funny storyline written by International Emmy® Award winner Felicity Carpenter. You play a junior detective at the Blue Toad Agency working with Hannah Dakota and Watson the Dog, investigating an international string of crimes taking you to incredible locations around the world.

• Flamboyant cast of characters with unique and engaging personalities, all voiced by Tom Dussek. Players will meet characters they may recognise from the original #1* hit game, Murder Files, as several of them return in different roles.

• Beautifully realised locations and characters take budding sleuths on a journey across the globe. Investigate a variety of locales starting off at a busy London train station; discover the hidden truth at Chef Henri’s kitchen in France, intercept a murder in Egypt, and plenty more.

• Musical Masterpiece from BAFTA nominee Dom Beken. The essential Enigma Express atmosphere is created by original music composed and recorded by Dom specifically for the game.

• Variety of hidden object puzzles including four ways to play:
o Boost (find 3 objects at a time and increase your multiplier to boost points)
o Chain Reaction (find 1 object at a time against the clock, your time limit reduces with every multiplier increase)
o Variety (colour coded objects give you different bonuses such as extra time and boosted points)
o Cascade mode (no multiplier, but massive points and coins bonuses)

• Regularly updated with new puzzles and locations so there are always more mysteries to solve as the story progresses. Continue to travel the world, collect the clues and track down the villains with new content coming periodically.

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