Classified: France ’44’ Takes Players Behind Enemy Lines in an Untold World War II Story

Team17 Digital and Absolutely Games have unveiled their upcoming turn-based tactics game, Classified: France ’44. Set to launch in 2023 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, this highly anticipated game delves into the untold tale of the Jedburghs, a group of Allied special forces, and the brave Resistance factions operating in Northern France during the critical weeks leading up to the D-Day landings. With a focus on sabotage, espionage, and evasion, Classified: France ’44 introduces evolutionary gameplay mechanics and offers players an immersive and strategic gaming experience.

Evolutionary Gameplay Mechanics

Classified: France ’44 redefines the turn-based tactical genre with several innovative gameplay mechanics. Stealth plays a crucial role in completing missions, requiring players to navigate behind enemy lines undetected. An enhanced overwatch ability adds more tactical options, allowing players to set up strategic positions and react to enemy movements effectively. The game also introduces a morale-based combat and suppression system, emphasizing the importance of every shot fired.

Engage in Tactical Realism

Drawing inspiration from real-world military strategy, Classified: France ’44 offers tactical realism that mimics the complexities of wartime combat. Players must suppress opponents with morale damage, creating opportunities to flank and neutralize them. This realistic approach to engagements adds depth and challenge to the gameplay experience, ensuring that every decision counts.

Discover an Untold Story

The game’s campaign is based on the heroic exploits of the Allied special forces and the Resistance factions operating in Northern France before the Normandy landings. As the player, you will lead a unique and memorable team, each with their own skills, politics, and personalities. The non-linear and highly replayable campaign allows you to gain the trust of disparate political factions, manage your growing team, face challenging dilemmas, and ultimately determine the success or failure of the D-Day landings.

Fight on and Shape History

Classified: France ’44 offers players the opportunity to shape the outcome of history through its dynamic and immersive gameplay. The game features a mission editor, allowing the community to craft and share their own missions using the same tools employed by the game’s developers. Additionally, upcoming DLCs promise to expand the game’s content, ensuring a vibrant and ever-evolving experience for players.

Developer’s Vision

James Brooksby, CEO of Absolutely Games, expressed his team’s passion for the tactical turn-based genre and their ambition to evolve it. He emphasized the significance of depicting the largely untold story of heroism behind enemy lines in Northern France before D-Day. The game aims to deliver a tense and exciting campaign that showcases the Allied special forces’ collaboration with the French Resistance through strong characters and intense firefights. Brooksby and his team are committed to delivering a unique turn-based tactical game that combines tactical stealth, strategic campaigns, and compelling characters.

Team17 Digital’s Head of Studios, Roger Carpenter, shared his excitement about partnering with Absolutely Games to bring the events of June 1944 to life. He acknowledged the focus on delivering a campaign based on real-life events and the individuals who played a crucial role in bringing about the beginning of the end of World War II. Carpenter believes that Classified: France ’44 will offer an immersive experience that lives up to players’ expectations when it deploys on PC and consoles.

Classified: France ’44 promises to be a thrilling turn-based tactics game that transports players to the secret operations and heroism behind enemy lines in Northern France during World War II. With its evolutionary gameplay mechanics, emphasis on tactical realism, and an untold story of courage and collaboration, the game is poised to captivate players when it launches in 2023 and offer them a unique and immersive gaming experience. As players embark on their journey through Classified: France ’44, they will have the opportunity to engage in tactical realism, shaping history, and uncovering the untold stories of the heroes who fought behind enemy lines.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5

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