Today, Classy Yak Game Studio and Screenzilla Entertainment celebrate the global launch of Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle, the first Collectable Card Game in the popular Tap Cats franchise. Epic Card Battle’s accessible deck building, strategic gameplay and beautiful hand-drawn art are sure to be a hit with casual and hardcore players alike. The game is now released worldwide, available on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam, with cross-play support between platforms. 

Epic Card Battle stands apart by bringing ease of entry to the normally complex CCG genre. Making limitless choices in deck building is fun with themed cards and heroes guiding the way. Thoughtful mechanics like “Team Power” allow players to optimize their team’s performance, getting an edge on their opponents and no bad starting hands means every player has a shot at success through strategy alone.

“We’re incredibly excited to unleash Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle to the world. A very special thanks to our passionate community for their feedback and help balancing and improving the game throughout development, turning it into a kickass card battler for everyone to enjoy,” says Sean Megaw, Game Director.

Not to be outdone on quality, Classy Yak’s art team made no compromises in delivering the most beautiful artwork for these battling cats.

“When creating this game, we wanted to make every character a work of art,” says Eva Toker, Creative Director. “All 200+ cats in the game are original designs, some inspired by pop culture, others by mythology or history. I’m proud of the game’s comic book style, a departure from all of the common medieval fantasy themes out there.”

While in-app purchases are available in Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle, players are able to earn every unique cat through dedicated play in the game’s campaign, quests, and PVP modes, with more cats being added each month. If you don’t have a favorite cat yet, you will!

Post-launch, the game will be supported with regular updates and themed content. A few exciting upcoming features include “Clans”, where groups of players can square off against each other for rewards and bragging rights and “Story Mode”, where players will get the chance to learn more about the world of Tap Cats and what drives them.

With accessibility top of mind, Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle is available in English, French, German Italian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.

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