CLOAK, the theme driven lifestyle apparel brand, founded by Mark Fischbach (@Markiplier), Sean McLoughlin (@Jacksepticeye) and Ben Curtis today announced a partnership with Microsoft and Minecraft developer Mojang Studios to launch a limited edition Minecraft Dungeons apparel line.   

The unique fashion line coincides with today’s release of Minecraft Dungeons, the all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe. The apparel line was inspired by the company founders’ love for the Minecraft universe and has applied an elevated lens to the official look and feel of the Minecraft world, including an 8 bit-esque illustrative style inspired by art and design within the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements.

CLOAK’s co-founders, Mark Fischbach & Sean McLoughlin stated “We are incredibly excited to partner with Mojang and Microsoft on this clothing line, especially considering the amount of time we have both spent exploring Minecraft.” They went on to say, “We want to bring the same type of experiences and emotions from exploring these worlds to the clothing line, to make it as genuine and authentic as possible for all of the fans and gamers out there, while allowing them to see it with new eyes. To be able to design clothes from the game and bring them into the real world is a dream come true.”

Key pieces in this apparel collection include a series of the brand’s signature ultra-limited cloak (yes, cloak!) which is the most comfortable piece of clothing imaginable, yet mysteriously alluring. The collection also includes our uber-cozy fleece, smart tees and crop tops, and sleek coach’s jackets, among others, all with elevated graphic expressions that are not to be missed.

“Minecraft Dungeons is a fresh and exciting new part of the adventurous worlds Mojang  Studios has built. CLOAK designs bold and creative collections, and we strongly identify with their efforts to support inclusivity and create a positive social impact within the communities they touch.” said Kayleen Walters, Minecraft’s General Manager of Partnerships and Licensing. “Given all of those phenomenal factors collaborating on a special collection for the launch of Minecraft Dungeons is a wonderful opportunity and a great fit.”

“CLOAK launched because we wanted to create an all-inclusive community with gaming at its core and storytelling at its heart. The Minecraft world perfectly brings these all together. Combined with Mark’s and Jack’s communities, we tap into a devoted global audience of more than 87 million people representing some of the biggest sub genres of pop culture and want to provide them the ability to express themselves no matter what race, gender or body type,” said Brian Mann, CEO of CLOAK. “Our mission drives our collective passion, energizes our audience and not only celebrates but endeavors to tell the story of who they are. We are excited to work with Microsoft and Mojang Studios to expand the incredible Minecraft universe with this fashion line, and create unique thematic content around it.”

With 87 million engaged fans, 50 million YouTube subscribers, 400 million views a month and 24.5 billion total views, CLOAK and Co-founders Markiplier and Jacksepticeye bring the full weight of a highly engaged community to its partners. In addition, 10% of all proceeds from CLOAK’s Minecraft Dungeons apparel will go to the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization.

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