Coffee Stain Studios Explains Satisfactory Update 6, Launch Month Releveled

Coffee Stain Studios has just announced some big new updates for their Early Access sensation Satisfactory, including what is coming for Update 6. As the game ramps into 1.0, the team are focussing on particular areas of the game with each update; starting with exploration and combat.

Coffee Stain Studios reveal a combat overhaul, new and improved creatures, and visual updates galloping onto the Early Access sensation Satisfactory in June!

Coffee Stain Studios has confirmed that Satisfactory is coming closer to exiting Early Access following its hugely successful rollout so far. It is entering into a new phase of production where the big content updates we have seen in the past will taper down while the studio focuses entirely on finalizing the game for a 1.0 release. The coming updates will shift to have a stronger focus on specific sections of the game.

The headline additions with this update include complete area overhauls to the Spire Coast and Swamp, new creatures and critters to test the combat capabilities of FICSIT’s employees, and a conveyor belt full of quality of life improvements. Update 6 is set to launch on Experimental in June 2022.

To kick things off, a formerly quite barren part of the northern coast is receiving a breath-taking update of its terrain and flora to fully live up to its name: The Spire Coast. A serene tropical coastal area, dominated by large spires can create an interesting challenge for vertically aligned factory builders.

The already gloomy Swamp has received a full plant-life overhaul to achieve the final version of this unsettling and noxious area. While the terrain has only changed in minor ways and resources remain the same, the vibe of the Swamp is far more refined.

Coffee Stain Studios is working on further polishing the atmosphere of Satisfactory’s world by improving lighting, sky, and the weather on MASSAGE-2(AB)b. While this is an ongoing process, specific improvements will be visible in the starting areas of the Dune Desert, Grass Fields, and the Northern Forest. In general, the cloud coverage and sky have seen improvements, and Update 6 seems to be coming with a risk of rain… something that is not yet confirmed but on the horizon.

MASSAGE-2(AB)b has become inundated with new and improved critters. A lot of work has been done to improve creature visuals and behaviors and add new additions to the wildlife, creating a more immersive exploration experience. To help tackle these new upgraded threats, improvements have been made to combat mechanics. Most notably, Update 6 will contain feature equipment changes and additions to give players more tools to engage in combat. These updates will mainly impact exploration, but there might be more equipment changes coming that will improve factory traversal as well.

The player map will be upgraded with a range of UI improvements to make it easier to use and for pioneers to plan their expeditions and factory layouts. The Radar Tower will get an overhaul, to actually make it useful for exploration. Because it wasn’t before.

These are just the highlights of a range of tweaks and improvements across the game, with other surprises still to be revealed, and some changes under the hood.

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