Coherence set to level the playing field for online games development

Coherence, a new venture by industry veterans from DICE, Unity and Playdead, is proud to announce a cloud-based open platform for developers, democratising the creation of online games and enabling teams of any size to produce worlds with virtually infinite scale and possibilities.

The Coherence platform will feature plugins for all major game engines, starting with Unity. It will allow developers of any size and experience level to make scalable and persistent online games — allowing them to fully focus on gameplay, rather than network technology. Coherence is designed with performance and a streamlined developer experience at its core.

Coherence is the product of entrepreneurs and technology leaders whose creations have reached millions of users and players worldwide; CEO, Dino Patti, entrepreneur and co-founder of independent video game studios Playdead (LimboInside) and Jumpship (Somerville), and CTO, Peter Björklund, veteran developer and main creative behind the networking for DICE’s Frostbite engine (Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA and Madden franchises). Unity co-founder, board member and former CEO, David Helgason, also a catalyst behind the idea, will help the project in an advisory role.

“Today there are too many challenges in creating real-time interactions in games,” says Coherence CEO Dino Patti. “Is there a way to combine the quality of the single-player experience with the social aspects of multiplayer games? Cumbersome network technology should not limit creativity nor connecting people. Our vision is to level the playing field for the games industry, offering an easy-to-use platform built on a lightning fast core and with a strong focus on being open-source.

Dino Patti

Democratising the creation of connected games is an amazing opportunity that I relish taking on. I think that by enabling anyone to do multiplayer at a large scale we are opening the doors to a new wave of connected experiences that we haven’t seen before. I continue to be excited about what we are building at Jumpship, and my dream for Coherence is to one day power multiplayer games that are as emotionally captivating as the well-crafted single player experiences I’ve worked on.”

Coherence will launch early 2020, with Alpha and Beta phases planned for later this year. For more information, the company is letting developers sign up for additional updates via:

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