Comedic Casual Rhythm Game Disaster Band Launches Today

Twelve notes are enough to create beautiful as well as diverse music. But they are also the foundation for a wonderfully weird musical chaos. This core principle will rule not only the remainder of the year but will keep the players busy for weeks and months to come. Publisher SunDust and German development team Produktivkeller are proud to announce the release of the unusual music/rhythm game Disaster Band on Steam.

Starting today up to 4 players can pick up their instruments and try to master the classical music tracks included in the game, import their MIDI creations via Steam Workshop, or try their luck playing one of the songs supplied by the community.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart mentioned that the music is not found in the notes, but in the silence between. Everybody who picks up Disaster Band and either plays solo, as part of a dynamic duo, a terrible trio, or a quirky quartet will agree once they pick up the violin, flute, violoncello, or trombone and try to follow the notes in order to fight your way up the worldwide leaderboards.

There is nothing wrong with playing wrong. Ok: The scores will be rather low. But with the creative freedom to play any given note at any given time, you can practice with every song and improvise, while you discover the music. And don’t forget – practice makes perfect! Of course, perfection will eventually lead to higher scores. But where is the fun in that? With Disaster Band’s dynamic sound engine even playing the wrong note leads to tremendous fun and endless entertainment for all ages and skill levels.

Thanks to Steam Workshop support, your musical journey has no end. Create your own MIDI tracks and share them with the community. Or import other players’ songs to get into a new groove either in the rehearsal room or on the world stage.

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