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Welcome to the GamingLyfe Community Streamer Program! We are searching to find passionate Streamers, YouTubers who conduct themselves in a professional manner interested in becoming not only top paid Streamers but role models for the gaming community. If you are interested in perks like being hosted on, posting links in our #shoutouts channel on Discord, getting to play review copies of the newest games before they come out, access to alphas/betas, testing/reviewing physical gaming products, and having an entire community promote your content just to name a few!

We need streamers open too producing reviews on upcoming games & products across PC, console, handheld or even mobile platforms! Here is a list of’s press affiliates and sponsors.

You may also have the opportunity to attend gaming conventions and specials events as a representing media member of the

Interested in becoming a Community Streamer? There is no minimum requirement of followers or social reach to become a community Streamer as this is not an official sponsorship by Join our Discord and speak with a community manager or community leader to get started!

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