Competitive fantasy multiplayer game ‘Six Temples’ launches Second Private Beta

Developer Camel Cup Graphics announced today that Six Temples, its highly anticipated multiplayer fantasy-action game for PC, is launching a second beta phase with a much-improved experience. In Six Temples, players choose from 1 of 10 heroes per match, compete in robust maps, and fight for territory among 2 teams of 12 players each by capturing six of the map’s temples.

Six Temples 1

The second beta phase includes three new heroes: Shaman, Executioner, The Count. In addition to a new user interface, the game adds more depth to its combat system, new skills and abilities for Heroes, improved game modes, visual and performance upgrades, and the inclusion of bots to the game (both online and offline).

A full list of new additions to the second beta includes:

  • Three new heroes (Shaman, Executioner, The Count) in addition to the previous three heroes (Barbarian, Wizard, and Mercenary).
  • A new main menu and user interface.
  • A refined directional melee combat system.
  • An improvement to abilities and the skill system.
  • Changes to the ‘Fortified’ game mode, now requiring 7 relics to win.
  • Visual and performance improvements to the map.
  • The addition of bots to fill out matches.

Players can sign up for Private Beta access on

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