Confront the Goblin Queen: A Fresh MARVEL Future Fight Update

Netmarble Rolls Out New Characters, Quests, and Upgrades in the Latest Epic Update

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New Faces on the Block

Netmarble, a heavyweight in the mobile gaming arena, has dropped its latest update for the fan-favorite RPG, MARVEL Future Fight. Get ready, Agents! This update isn’t just a minor tweak; it’s a full-fledged expansion of the MARVEL universe within your fingertips.

Epic Quest: Goblin Queen Showdown

Dive into the “Goblin Queen,” a brand-new Epic Quest. This isn’t just any quest – it’s your chance to immerse yourself in the twisted tales of the notorious mutant clone. And guess what? You’ve got a shot at unlocking Havok, Hope Summers, and Madelyne Pryor, the stars of this update.

Meet the New Heroes

Speaking of stars, let’s talk new characters. The update introduces Havok, Exodus, Hope Summers, and Madelyne Pryor into the fray. Plus, Rachel Summers isn’t left out; she’s rocking a fresh uniform. Whether you’re a fan of raw power or strategic play, these new additions are set to shake things up.

Leveling Up: Character Tier Upgrades

But wait, there’s more! Cyclops ascends to Tier-4, flaunting a brand-new Striker Skill. Havok and Madelyne Pryor aren’t far behind, stepping up to Tier-3 with their own Ultimate Skills. These upgrades are game-changers, literally, offering new strategies and power plays.

Awaken Your Heroes

The update doesn’t stop at tier upgrades. Select heroes, including Rachel Summers, Hope Summers, and Kid Omega, are getting Awakened Skills. This is your chance to take their abilities to the next level and dominate the battlefield in style.

Odin’s Blessing: Gear Up

To top it off, Odin’s Blessing brings five new items to the table. This is your chance to equip your heroes with the best, and prepare them for the battles ahead.

Platforms: iOS, Android

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