Content Creator Jacksepticeye and Tiltify Reveal Thankmas Charity Live Stream Event

Today, one of the largest gaming content creators on YouTube, Jacksepticeye (27M), announced initial details for his annual Thankmas event.

Jacksepticeye will host his annual #Thankmas holiday stream on creator-first fundraising platform Tiltify, tapping his community of 27M subscribers and fellow streamers to support New Story, a charity with the mission to end global homelessness. Jacksepticeye is looking to surpass his personal fundraising record of $4.5M for last year’s Thankmas event in support of Red Nose Day.

Beginning December 1st through December 13th, 2021 anyone who streams on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and TikTok can be part of Thankmas. Those participating will be raising money to help more than 1.6 billion people who lack adequate housing across the world. To date, New Story has built more than 2300 homes across El Salvador, Bolivia, Haiti, and Mexico for families living off of less than $10 a day through its innovative housing solutions.

Jacksepticeye will kick off Thankmas with his own stream on December 11th, 2021. His goal is to build 10 communities and provide new homes for 1,000 families. He has also created tiered incentives for donations, awarding fundraisers with the opportunity to receive curated content every quarter that follows the families that have been helped, as well as the ability to name streets or buildings in the new communities. The top five fundraisers will be invited to an exclusive vision trip to visit one of the new communities they helped build in Latin America. Flights, accommodations, meals, and ground transportation will all be provided.

“Heading into the holidays, following the aftermath of a global pandemic, I wanted to set high, yet achievable goals for my annual Thankmas event to encourage everyone to get involved with New Story to help end global homelessness. This organization allows us to give back to families around the world who cannot secure adequate housing,” said Sean McLoughlin. “Working with Tiltify makes it possible for us to bring together the global community to spread awareness and make the biggest impact possible for those in need. I look forward to having my friends and fans get involved for what I hope to be the most successful Thankmas to date!”

This year’s Thankmas continues to build upon the relationship between Jacksepticeye and Tiltify, as well as Thankmas co-producers Real Good Touring (RGT), the largest touring company in the digital space with a mission to make amazing events for talented online creators. Jacksepticeye and Tiltify have partnered for this annual charity stream event over the past two years, in tandem with other fundraising events like Hope from Home, which raised over $1.9 million for Covid-19 relief efforts. Last year’s Thankmas raised over $4.7 million to support Red Nose Day’s efforts to end child poverty and tackle food insecurity and child hunger in the U.S. and around the world. Together, Jacksepticeye and Tiltify are looking to raise even more this year for New Story.

“Jacksepticeye is not only one of the most popular creators in the world, but also the most generous. We are so glad to be able to continue our relationship with him to help support underserved families across the globe,” said Michael Wasserman, co-founder and CEO of Tiltify. “New Story is an incredible charity, tackling this global issue head on with innovative technology that is making the heavily daunting task of ending homelessness feel that much more achievable. We look forward to this year’s Thankmas and further serving the next generation of socially-conscious consumers through collaborative and entertaining experiences.”

Responsible for powering today’s most popular social media platforms and live streaming services like TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and more,Tiltify is working with new and existing partners to create more interactive, live, and personalized experiences for creators to do good. With Thankmas, Tiltify continues its mission to go beyond traditional fundraising, serving today’s digital generation.

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