Content Creator Legend Byron “Reckful” Bernstein Dead at 31

Byron “Reckful” Bernstein has died of what is said to be suicide on Thursday, July 2nd, 2020. Reckful from Austin, Texas was a prominent content creator on the Twitch platform most notably known for his World of Warcraft PVP gameplay. He had major achievements in other games like Hearthstone and Asherons call, Reckful also created a popular podcast called “Teatime with Byron”. His channel has over 923,809 followers and 112,643,260 total views since created on November 9th, 2009. He was a legend.

Slasher a well-known Esports industry insider was the first to report the death via Twitter claiming it was confirmed by his ex-girlfriend Blue “BlueGoesMew” Madrigal and his roommate.

Reckful had taken a backseat from streaming in the past month to focus on the release of his indie game Everland. Everland is an MMO that has been in development since 2018 slated to release this year. He tweeted happily after a stress test on May 16th, 2020 about opening the game up to the world.

Reckful has been dealing with mental health issues for over 16 years, in January he shared a video stating that he no longer felt depressed and was happy. When he was just 6 years old his brother committed suicide, he also had a long battle with depression. On the outside, it seemed his condition was improving claiming that his work on Everland gave him a “sense of purpose”.

Just hours before his death Reckful tweeted a marriage proposal to his ex-girlfriend Becca via Twitter. He stated in his tweet that he has not seen her in 6 months and the reason for the post was that he wanted her to know his commitment was real.

Becca did not have a chance to see the proposal before he died and was extremely disappointed that she was unable to help him. She issued a statement on Twitter expressing her gratefulness for her time spent with Reckful and her anger about the current state of the mental health system.

BlueGoesMew was in contact with him the day before offering him help but he never picked up the phone. She expressed her anger because she knew he had fallen into a bad place but was unable to help him. She shared the text messages they exchanged via Twitter.

Friends from all over chimed in to honor his memory along with expressing support for family and ex-girlfriends close to the situation. The World of Warcraft community has also come together across multiple servers to attend in-game memorials and mourn the loss of Reckful.

Depression is real. Suicide is real. R.I.P legend.

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