Content Village — 10 Questions Answered

Content Village is a revolutionary idea that stands to change the game (no pun intended) for content creators and Esports athletes alike. Content Village is a place for creators to come together and live in a space surrounded by like-minded creators who share the same passion for the industry they are a part of. Offering opportunities that you cannot get anywhere else, Content Village will be a place for endless, quality, content creation and collaboration in the industry. With a beautiful residential building filled with amazing suits to call your own and a built-in, state-of-the-art administrative building stocked with everything needed to further your career, Content Village has everything you’ll want and more to be a successful content creator.

  • 1) Question: When can interested parties expect to be able to start applying for a space within Content Village?
    • Answer: Our goal is to have it at 85-90% complete construction then start taking applications.
  • 2) Question: What Esports will Content Village be looking into hosting?
    • Answer: Any Esport that is happening will be considered for events at Content Village.
  • 3) Question: As a solo content creator, what is the biggest benefit of living at Content Village?
    • Answer: Like-minded people enabling more content creation that you would not usually have available in other locations.
  • 4) Question: What are the leasing terms offered at Content Village?
    • Answer: 12-month leasing terms with five-day rental options for travelling Esport teams.
  • 5) Question: Will there be a size/weight limit on animals?
    • Answer: Open for discussion, and will have solidified rules in the near future. Most likely up to medium sized dogs with no breed discrimination.
  • 6) Question: As an Esports Team, what is the biggest benefit of living at Content Village?
    • Answer: Having access to other teams with the ability to host their own private LAN event for practice. Less travel expenses and money saved on other amenities necessary for their profession.
  • 7) Question: What criteria does a content creator have to fill in order to be considered for Content Village?
    • Answer: Affiliate with Twitch or Mixer, is monetizable on YouTube, or is a recognized Esport athlete.
  • 8) Question: What is the best way to contact Content Village for interested content creators, sponsors, or investors?
    • Answer: The Discord Server for Content Village. Residents will be given access to event information and other important information through the Discord server. The Discord is planned to be used for many unique things within the building.
  • 9) Question: What are the most unique features of Content Village?
    • Answer: Prime access to QUALITY technology and necessary things to excel in your profession, access to like-minded people with the same goals as you, a new and nontraditional style of living meant to enhance the lives of gamers and content creators.
  • 10) Question: What does the future of Content Village look like after its opening?
    • Answer: Expansion for further opportunities for content creators. For example, a merch shop built into the building that will sell merch for the content creators within the building.

The future of the gaming industry shows nothing but potential for exponential growth, and Content Village stands at the forefront of a massive gap in the industry. A dedicated place for dedicated content creators to live is something that will provide numerous like-minded people an unquestionably perfect place to call home. Stay tuned to for information covering the stages of Content Village’s development! As always, you can rely on GamingLyfe for up-to-date information on various topics of the gaming industry!

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