Cowboys and Rustlers: Experience the Wild West in a Humorous Top-Down Action Game

Cowboys and Rustlers, an upcoming top-down action game set in the Wild West, is developed by the team behind the popular Rustler (also known as Grand Theft Horse). This new epic adventure brings the humor of Rustler to the American frontier, introducing players to a world filled with gunslingers, saloon brawls, bounties, and hats.

Players will step into the shoes of a joyful cowboy and use various tools, such as lassos, revolvers, dynamite, and emotional intelligence, to communicate and interact with the game world. The protagonist’s journey is accompanied by Theodore, a talking horse who provides commentary on the player’s actions and uses the adventure as inspiration for writing his own revolutionary science-fiction novel.

Key features of Cowboys and Rustlers include:

  1. Unique Friendship: Experience a story-rich top-down action game centered around the bond between the protagonist and his best friend, a cynical talking horse named Theodore. Together, they will cause chaos and embark on exciting adventures in the Wild West.
  2. Environment-Based Shooting Mechanics: Utilize the surroundings to improve shooting effectiveness by taking advantage of ricochet opportunities to surprise enemies.
  3. Classic Wild West Activities: Engage in activities such as robbing banks, cheating in poker to earn money, racing stagecoaches, and using a lasso to catch various targets.
  4. Assert Your Dominance: Challenge those who question your authority with old-time weapons or modern firepower like the Gatling Gun.
  5. Blend of Old and New: Experience a combination of classic western settings and modern pop culture references, creating a unique and humorous atmosphere.
  6. Developed by Rustler’s Original Team: Cowboys and Rustlers is created by the same team responsible for Rustler – Grand Theft Horse. The developers have used the feedback from Rustler to create an improved and more engaging gaming experience.

Cowboys and Rustlers invites players to explore the magic of the Wild West while enjoying absurd humor and pop culture references. The game’s unique features, such as the relationship between the protagonist and his talking horse, ensure a fresh and entertaining experience for fans of top-down action games.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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