Cozy Boss Rush RPG Bound by Blades Release Dates Confirmed

Today, heralded indie publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Zeth reveal a November 15th launch date for their upcoming deceptively cozy, boss-rush-styled adventure, Bound by Blades. Releasing on Windows PC via Steam and GOG, Bound by Blades is an action RPG where intense boss rush-style battles take a front and center seat. Journey through the realm of Ashmyr, confront ferocious foes, collect loot, and craft new epic gear to fortify yourself for the challenges ahead. This “simple to learn, hard to master” RPG features an optional two-player co-op for optimal combat strategizing. After all, slaying monsters is more fun together!

In the newest trailer, solo developer Zeth narrates Bound By Blades’ emphasis on challenging combat, crafting, and co-op. Envisioned as a simple, casual version of a boss-rush experience with a focus on fun, Bound by Blades features satisfying and challenging boss fights coupled with a gorgeous, digitally-drawn world and imaginative characters.

In the slay-and-conquer style of Monster Hunter and Eldest Souls, players defeat powerful enemies, harvest their loot, and use these materials to craft better and stronger equipment. However, Bound by Blades revamps this formula in a way that makes it more approachable and for the casual player. The story of Bound by Blades is set in a high fantasy world where players can choose from three different characters, each featuring their own unique playstyle. Master the game’s unique combat system, battle the evil forces of the Ilcyon, and save the land of Ashmry from certain doom.

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