Cranked Up Is Cranking It Up For Early Access This May

French indie developer BBlack Studio is pleased to announce that crazy rocket-fueled donuts are heading to Steam Early Access on May 19th with their upcoming game Cranked Up. The over-the-top adventure is a challenging and hilarious platformer where animal-themed donuts equipped with rockets try to save Mr. Mug, their favorite cup of coffee from an evil Hawaiian pizza. Yup – it’s not supposed to make much sense…

Featuring a full single-player campaign and even more fun with friends in the 4-player co-op mode (both online and offline), players can expect hours of rocket-boosted fun as they traverse a variety of zany environments and challenges. Cranked Up is set to surprise with a set of unusual and engaging characters and in an offbeat universe that no one really understands (not even the developers).

The Steam Early Access version will come complete with over 40 levels, hidden collectibles, secret levels, and unlockable exclusive characters. The developers see the Early Access launch as the beginning, though, planning a ton of additional content in the lead-up to the full launch.

Cranked Up will be available on Steam Early Access on May 19th, 2020 for $14.99 USD / €14.99.

Key Features:

  • Roll, jump, bounce and use a rocket-boosted donut to discover and explore increasingly more challenging levels – 40 in total! Finish each level by dunking in a cup of coffee.
  • Play with up to four friends cooperatively in a completely offbeat universe, filled with sugar power-ups, evil pizza slices, and other bizarro elements. It’s not supposed to make any sense!
  • Save Mr. Mug – everyone’s favorite cup of coffee – thwart a pineapple, and find out who is controlling the world in a complete single-player campaign. Revisit levels to collect hidden donuts, finish them with friends in a shared effort, or go head-to-head and break a pal’s time record in Versus mode.
  • Unlock multiple donut characters and customize your own gang of glazed and sweetened ring-shaped fried dough. Yummy!

Players interested in Cranked Up can wishlist the game on Steam.

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