Creating an Alien World Both Terrifying and Alluring – Revion Prime

To bring DOLMEN to life, Brazilian independent developer Massive Work Studio — a team comprised of talented developers who previously worked on AAA titles such as Injustice 2, Diablo and World of Warcraft — put a massive amount of work (sorry!) into creating an original, alien world. It not only had to captivate and intimidate players but also present a gorgeous yet dangerous environment, too irresistible not to explore, despite endless lethal threats. Starting with just a few initial sketches and an idea of a living world where monstrous inhabitants lurk, Revion Prime was born!

As a concept, the team divided the “Dolmenverse” into sectors — each designed as a playable area of Revion Prime. The first sector that the team created was dubbed “The Dump”: a once beautiful, thriving mine on Revion Prime, ripe with unimaginable treasures. After many great wars, “The Dump” became a refuge for numerous lifeforms on the planet. But safety didn’t last long as Revion Prime is also home to the largest recorded massacre in galactic history. Once the design team felt the idea of Revion Prime had something special to offer, new ideas readily spawned, leading to new concepts and sketches, with the planet coming together piece by piece.

This initial development of Revion Prime set the stage for DOLMEN, and the team knew they had something with a lot of potential in their hands. Countless hours of work went into creating the visual world, and after solidifying that first piece of Revion Prime, the team was able to begin designing the rest of the environments and characters that would form DOLMEN.

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