Creature Lab: Unleash Your Inner Mad Scientist in the Modern Frankenstein Simulator

The eagerly anticipated game, Creature Lab, developed and published by Polish studio Image Power, is finally set to hit Steam on June 14th, 2023. Offering players a unique and immersive experience, Creature Lab allows you to step into the shoes of a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein. This mad scientist simulator lets you delve into the world of science gone awry as you seek revenge against a city that has scorned your groundbreaking discoveries. After overcoming technical challenges that resulted in a delay, Creature Lab is now primed for its highly-anticipated release.

Embark on Your Mad Science Adventure: In Creature Lab, you are the mastermind behind a twisted laboratory where you can unleash your creativity in macabre ways. As the game’s protagonist, you must manage your resources meticulously, utilizing bodies, chemical substances, limbs, and mutants to execute your conquest with precision.

Strategic Planning and City Exploration: Creature Lab provides you with an informative city map that serves as your command center. From here, you can survey military activity, monitor substance availability, and identify districts with special buildings. Strategic planning becomes crucial as you plot raids on the city, each with unique objectives, while also ensuring your success in encounters with the formidable military forces.

Discover and Experiment: True to the spirit of mad science, Creature Lab offers an extensive array of elixirs and mutagens for you to explore. Every discovery is yours to name, adding a personal touch to your scientific advancements. You can assemble a fearsome mutant army by attaching different limbs and enhancing them, granting your creations unique abilities that suit your sinister purposes.

Hideout Management: To safeguard your operation, keeping your hideout secure from discovery is paramount. Keep a close eye on the panic meter and investigation meters to prevent unwanted attention. Special commissions from the Dark Web can also provide additional resources and tokens, allowing you to gain an upper hand in your mad pursuits.

Tokens and Unique Effects: Tokens play a crucial role in Creature Lab, providing you with one-time buffs or district-wide effects. These valuable assets grant you advantages such as lowering your investigation meter or eliminating military threats. Make wise use of tokens to further your goals and overcome the obstacles in your path.

About Creature Lab: Creature Lab plunges players into the depths of madness as they embody a disillusioned and vengeful scientist. Years of ignored research and failed recognition have driven you to the brink, fueling your ambition to make others pay for their indifference. Take control of your own hideout, conducting unhinged experiments, and molding a mutant army to wreak havoc on the city. Grow DNA-based body parts, attach them to your test subjects, and explore the limitless possibilities of science unbound.

Conclusion: Creature Lab promises an enthralling and unsettling experience, inviting players to embrace their inner mad scientist. With its unique blend of horror and simulation gameplay, Creature Lab offers a refreshing take on the Frankenstein concept. Embark on a journey of revenge, strategic planning, and monstrous experimentation, all within the confines of your own hideout. As Creature Lab arrives on Steam on June 14th, 2023, fans of the genre can look forward to immersing themselves in the eerie world of mad science. Stay tuned for the subsequent releases on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles, made possible by the game’s successful Kickstarter campaign.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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