Croix-Noire Project Unveils Behind-the-Scenes Music Video

Three-fold project releases behind-the-scenes music video.

Step into the world of Croix-Noire, but watch your back. This is not the safest place to be. Croix-Noire is one of the roughest areas in France, full of deadbeats, drug addicts, and hookers. And that’s just the municipal library!

The dangerous world of Croix-Noire will take the form of a 140-page graphic novel, a game hosted on the ROBLOX platform, and a full-length music album. The graphic novel will be released in 7 monthly comic issues, starting April 1st, coinciding with the launch of the online ROBLOX game. Prior to the August 1st release of the album (on vinyl, CD cassette, and digital), each issue of the comic will coincide with the release of one new track from the album with the first single ‘A Whole New Day’ welcoming the listener into the moral kaleidoscope of the streets and clubs of Croix-Noire.

Take a look behind-the-scenes of the Croix-Noire music album’s first single “A Whole New Day” below.

Croix-Noire is a project headed by Mike Batt and singer-songwriter/entrepreneur Jean-Charles Capelli. It also involves novelist David Quantick, Marvel/DC comic artist Mike Collins (Spiderman, Superman, Dr Who), and executives from leading online games corporation DUBIT (Disney, Brit Awards).

Croix-Noire’s main character, Ace Hansel Jr. is equipped with the means of manipulating emotions using new and unique technology, enabled and facilitated by his senior-citizen sidekick, inventor, and strategist Colonel Talbot. Readers will be immersed in a grim world filled with intrigue, mystery, and all manner of lowlifes, villains, and rejects.

To give fans just a taste of the graphic novel before its full release, a flipbook of the first 13 pages is currently available for £3.99 in the prestigious Shift compilation magazine issue #10. David Quantick’s prose novella chapters will also be bound into the printed comics so that readers may compare the two story formats.

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