Cross-Platform Cross-Progression MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicles Out Now

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Welcome to the new age of Summoners War! Com2uS, a leading global game developer and publisher, has launched Summoners War: Chronicles, the highly anticipated real-time full-featured MMORPG set in the beloved world of Summoners War to PC and mobile devices. Summoners War: Chronicles is a cross-platform experience featuring cross-progression and cross-play across all platforms so players can explore, quest, and battle alongside their friends whether they are on the go with a mobile device or at home with their PC. Summoners War: Chronicles is available now as a free download on PC via Steam, the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad, Google Play for Android phones and tablets, Google Play Games app on PC and HIVE, Com2uS’ gaming platform allowing browser play on PC and Macs. The game will be available with full cross-platform capabilities on Xbox Series X|S in 2023.

Summoners War games and apps have been downloaded more than 160 million times worldwide and Chronicles marks the first real-time MMORPG featuring expansive single-player experience and multiplayer modes through both co-op quests and competitive PvP combat. A prequel set many years before the events of the iconic Summoners War: Sky Arena, players will journey across a vast open world featuring a series of unique biomes, discovering, battling, and collecting hundreds of legendary monsters to aid in their adventures. As players embark on their heroic quest, they will select one of three young magicians, Cleaf, Orbia, and Kina, which can be customized and leveled up to become the ultimate Summoner and protector of the realm.

Summoners War: Chronicles features a wide array of gameplay modes that give players the ability to play their way as they strategically deploy their monsters to battle the kingdom’s dark forces and become a powerful Summoner:

Open World: At launch, Summoners War: Chronicles will feature five diverse open-world regions for players to explore. Players can progress through an expansive main story quest as well as side quests unique to each region. Each region also features a wide variety of monsters to battle and collect, as well as challenging co-op quests, player vs player arenas, and much more.

Single-Player: In addition to embarking on the main storyline and completing the many side quests available to players in each region, players can also take on five unique bosses in the Kingdom Expeditions. Two types of Ascensions will have players rising to the challenge of beating levels of increasing difficulty with Trial of Ascension featuring unique monthly challenges for players to take on.

Cooperative Play: Players in the hunt for ever-challenging adventures with friends should look no further than Summoners War: Chronicles cooperative gameplay. From the Field Boss Events challenging teams to compete for the highest rank against others to Rupture Events which feature unique missions, rewards await teams ready to take on the challenges ahead. Teams can also complete some of the game’s most challenging content together revisiting Dungeons at high difficulty levels or taking on powerful Raid Bosses where they can unlock rare Summoner weapons and accessories. Guilds offer players unique rewards and an easier way to connect and battle the dark forces in the Rahil Kingdom together.

Competitive Multiplayer: For the competitive at heart, the Challenge Arena and Brawl Arena are ready for players looking to battle others. Challenge Arenas pits two teams against each other with different objectives – attack or defend. Brawl Arena gives players a chance to battle against others in real-time.

Endgame Dungeons: As players complete the story and reach the max level they can choose to journey to the endgame dungeons where up to three players must cooperate to beat the most powerful bosses in Summoners War: Chronicles for the game’s biggest rewards. As a live service game, new Dungeons will be released on a regular basis with plans for a ten-person cooperative Dungeon coming soon.

Launch Celebration: Multiple in-game events await players upon arrival, including daily login and mission completion bonuses, which increase your chance of summoning a powerful 5-star monster. There is also a special pick-up event where you can summon a powerful 5-star monster at a higher rate using summoning scrolls.

Summoners War: Chronicles begins long before the events taking place in the existing titles, Summoners War: Sky Arena and Summoners War: Lost Centuria. The story unfolds in the Rahil Kingdom, a fantasy realm regaining peace after two great wars when a mysterious enemy emerges with a plot for destruction. Players will step into the shoes of three recent graduates from the Rahil Magic Academy, who will embark on a great adventure to protect the kingdom as Rahil Guardians.

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