Cross-Server Battle Comes to A3: Still Alive in New Update

A3: Still Alive Launches New Cross-Server Battle for Players in Today’s Update. New Legendary Soul Linkers, Shu Transcendence, and Equipment Dungeon Await Expert Players Starting Today.

Netmarble’s dark fantasy open world mobile RPG A3: STILL ALIVE saw a new update today that introduces new merged server battle content, three new Legendary Soul Linkers, Shu Transcendence, and peaceful Equipment Dungeon with no Player Kill allowed, alongside with a number of in-game events for high-level Warriors to experience, collect, and conquer.

Starting every Thursday, the Velangort Fortress Cross-Server Battle is now open to players. Two of A3: STILL ALIVE’s servers will compete against each other, with the top 8 guilds from each server battling it out for victory. With a maximum capacity of 800 players able to join in the battle, every user in the winning server will receive special rewards, along with a world buff even if they did not participate in the server battle.

A new Somius of Peace equipment dungeon has also been added for players eager to secure higher-level items in an enhanced environment and is compatible with ALIVE mode auto-battle functionality. To enter, players can use up to eight tickets per day, which can be collected once every hour, or can be bought with in-game gold.

Other in-game events and additions to A3: STILL ALIVE include:

  • New Legendary Soul Linkers – Three Soul Linkers – Noble Lady Iarr (Attack Type), Noble Lady Bennet (Support Type), and Knight Diana (Defense type) – are now available for players to collect
  • Shu Transcendence – Legendary Shus can now be transcended, which impart a maximum level increase of five. Players can transcend Legendary Shus up to three times, for a total maximum level increase of 15.
  • Level Increases – Players can upgrade Sanctuary Runes to Level 55, while floors 61-72 are now open in the Dark Lighthouse dungeon.
  • In-Game Events – The following is now open for players to experience:
    • Chaotic Soul Linker Summon Chest (3/18~4/1) – Players can now purchase this chest for a chance to receive the newly added 3 Legendary Soul Linkers
    • Spring Welcoming Heroic Shu Gift (3/18) – Those who log into A3: STILL ALIVE will receive a Heroic Ancient Egg and EXP Ancient Egg
    • Spring 7-Day Check-in Event (3/18~4/1) – New rewards await players that log into the game, including Chaotic Soul Star and Heroic Accessory Chest
    • Guild Exchange Store Season 2 – Legendary Ancient Egg, which players can achieve Legendary Shu with, are now available in the Guild Exchange Shop. Exchange Tickets can be earned from the Velangort Fortress Cross-Server Battle.
    • Playtime event to celebrate the Land of Peace Update (3/18) – New rewards await players that log into the game, including a ‘Chest of Piece’ that stores a Soul Linker Equipment Chest, a Soul Star, and a Land of Peace ticket, for Level 120~140 players.
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