Klabater is delighted to announce a special edition of the Crossroads Inn game. The Anniversary Edition will be available on the 22nd October on STEAM, GOG, Humble Store, and other PC digital stores. The game’s definitive edition brings tons of improvement, new content, and debuts at an original price (24,99 USD/EUR).

Since its release in October 2019, Crossroads Inn became Klabater’s best-seller, with a strong and committed community. Though the game struggled with technical issues shortly after the launch, it became a fantasy sim fans’ favorite. Starting from October 22, exactly one year after the original launch, Crossroads Inn will officially become Anniversary Edition, which will include:

  • An epic campaign, Sandbox mode, and dozen of scenarios
  • Pests & Puppies DLC with lovely pets and malicious pests
  • The Pit DLC – open an underground basement and run all kinds of illegal activities
  • Hooves & Wagons DLC – guests now own horses and bring wagons with them
  • Bath & Beauty DLC offering beautiful bathtubs and bathrooms
  • Crops & Harvest DLC (new content!): time to gather crops and feast!
  • Digital goodies pack: unique cookbook, soundtrack, all sketches and concepts that were used during development
  • FLCs and event-related items
  • New bard and a new adventurer
  • Chinese language support! – Crossroads Inn turned out to be an indie hit on Chinese market and along with Anniversary Edition lands a Chinese (simplified) version of the game!

Among the most significant improvements to the base game Anniversary Edition will offer:

  • New Pathfinding & AI – no more blocking on stairs, no more horses trying to reach stables through Inn’s main hall;)
  • Engine Performance – A lot of performance-related issues will be eliminated by upgrading the game’s Esenthel engine to its latest version. We have joined forces with Greg Slazinski, a creator of the engine. Big thanks, Greg!
  • UI & Tutorial – Crossroads Inn is not an easy game, especially for beginners. This is why devs are now working on an extensive help system that includes better UI, loads of tips available through loading screens, innkeeper journal, and in-game tutorials.

Most importantly, anyone who owns the original game will receive an Anniversary Edition upgrade for free on 22nd October!

“It is hard to believe, but Crossroads Inn was released nearly a year ago! For better or worse, we have struggled with some technical issues.” – said Patryk Pietraszkiewicz, Lead Programmer in Crossroads Inn team – “Anniversary Edition being on the way is a special moment, we have not only gathered forces for the definitive ‘quality’ battle, but we also share a lot of additional content for free with our great community. This is the right way to say thank you to so many people who supported us since launch.”

What’s more, Klabater joined forces with Greg Slazinski, a creator of the Esenthel game engine. Greg is now helping the dev team to eliminate the remaining technical issues.

“I’m impressed with the amazing and unique job Klabater team did for Crossroads Inn in Esenthel. I’m here mostly to help when it comes to final polishing and eliminating glitches here and there. This game requires some technical updates to reveal its full potential, and this is what both the devs and players would love to see.” said Greg Slazinski, developer of the Esenthel Engine.

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