Klabater is delighted to announce The Pit, an extensive expansion for Crossroads Inn, which allows you to run illegal businesses, and gives you a new options of expanding your tavern. From now your granary, warehouse, guest rooms, and even the entire inn may be built underground! And what is underground is not always visible to the city authorities and guards… The Pit will be available on 28th April via Steam and GOG ($6.99 USD).

The Pit 5

You’ve become a respected innkeeper, and you’ve earned this title. Guests are satisfied and the river of cash is flowing straight into your register. The dreams of running your own inn have become reality, days are made of routine activities, you order deliveries, discipline drunks and drill lazy employees. Everything is beautiful – but is it all there is? Is this what the rest of your life is bound to be? Once you wanted to be a hero, a warrior, an adventurer! The inn is a good business, but there must be more to life!

You come up with an idea – a bold one, and not entirely legal. What if you add a pinch of spice to this business? Some real emotions. Not giving it too much thought, you start digging a small dungeon underneath the tavern. It will not be an ordinary cellar. You have your finger on the pulse of the entertainment business in Delcrys, and you know that there’s a new thing that excites everyone, from the common folk to the aristocracy: illegal fighting, an underground circle of brave people, who are not afraid of any risk, and care not for unsightly scars and gaps in teeth. But with the underground tournaments come all kinds of suspicious types, and a circulation of illegal goods, the ones that should be kept away from the wary looks of the authorities. Drugs, gambling, and mixed martial arts – this will be the inn!

The Pit 3

‘We have promised our community constant improvement of the original game, but also a solid support for Crossroads Inn when it comes to unique additional content. We want to keep our promise. ” – said Robert Oglodzinski, Head of Studio – “The Pit was our dream from the beginning of development. We wanted to let players think outside the box and explore the gray area and black market options in Delcrys. If you blend it with a small inspiration taken from Fight Club movie, you will get our vision of illegal fantasy!’


  • You will build a special underground arena and organize illegal fistfights
  • You will earn gold on betting – guests will bet on the results of the underground tournaments
  • You’ll get ingredients only available on the black market, including Griffon eggs and daer meat, to serve new exclusive dishes
  • You will plant new plants: the forbidden pipe herbs and the “medicinal” plants
  • You will build a smaller arena, where liquerat fights will take place
  • You will install exercise equipment on which your boxers and other residents will be able to train, including a climbing pole, punching bags, and new combat mannequins
  • You will install new lamps on the ceiling, allowing you to run an underground pipe herb plantation
  • You will buy an alchemical table to make medicine… or drugs
  • You will build a dungeon where you will put problematic guests
  • Along with new earning opportunities, there are also new threats: city guard raids and confidants among guests. Protect yourself by building a special system of secret passages
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