Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course: Do’s and Don’ts

Cuphead is a worldwide known run-and-gun platformer video game presented by StudioMDHR Entertainment. The game was first released in 2017 for PS and Xbox One and then relaunched for Nintendo Switch in 2019 and PlayStation 4 in 2020. In only two weeks after the release, Cuphead was sold to 1 million players, and, as of 2020, there were over 6 million games sold.

The huge popularity of the game urged the developers to start working on a new game and Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is a long-awaited continuation of the trending video game. In the new version of the game, players can enjoy a variety of innovations, including new bosses, new weapons, new areas, new characters, and, of course, new challenges.

If you are among student fans of the Cuphead, you must be excited now when the Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is finally here. Now that it’s available, you can delegate all your current assignments to a trusted essay writing service and while professional essay writers do my papers for you, dive into the new adventure with Cuphead. But before you begin to enjoy this great game, let us tell you about a few do’s and don’ts every player must know!

Don’t Buy It Separately

Since its release, The Delicious Last Course is already available for purchase at all major stores. However, we don’t recommend players spend more money on it if they already have the base play. The thing is that The Delicious Last Course isn’t a separate game. It’s basically an add-on for the same old Cuphead. With that being said, there is a way to unlock DLC in your base game instead of buying it.

To start The Delicious Last Course, you don’t need to beat the entire base game. To get started, you only need to complete at least one of the Mausoleum levels. These levels are located on each of the three primary islands offered in the game – Inkwell Isles – World One, World Two, and World Three. You need to pick at least one Mausoleum and complete it, after which you will get a notification about a new character unlocked and will be able to access the DLC.

Do Talk to the New Character

Once you complete the Mausoleum level and receive a notification that the new character has arrived, this won’t unlock the DLC automatically. To unlock it, you must follow the new character.

The character will be located next to the ocean on each of the three islands available to you. You need to approach the character and talk to him. Once you do this, he will offer to travel to the new DLC island called Inkwell Isle IV.

Pro Tip: Talking to characters is a good tip even after you unlock the DLC. Sometimes, talking to characters will provide you with additional coins. So be sure to use this tip throughout the entire game.

Do Test Your Luck on the Inkwell Isle I

In case you are not very well-versed in the Cuphead and have never completed Mausoleum levels before, you’ll need to complete a special task first. So try your luck on the Inkwell Isle I. The task is to defeat red ghosts that will pop up on your screen from time to time and not let them touch the vessel in the middle of the screen.

First of all, this game is relatively easy, which will enable beginner and medium-level players to achieve their goals and access The Delicious Last Course. And secondly, after you handle this task, you will unlock a new NPC and a new power, which is a nice bonus.

Don’t Skip the Run & Gun Levels

All experienced players know that you don’t really have to get through the Run & Gun Levels in the Cuphead. To progress in the game, all you need is to kill the bosses. Due to this reason, many players tend to skip the Run & Gun Levels to save time. However, we suggest not doing this. These levels allow you to collect up to five coins per level. You can use these coins later to purchase new weapons and upgrade your skills.

Do Try to Get Through the Run & Gun Levels With No Kills

There is a fun thing about the Run & Gun Levels – you don’t have to kill anything during them. It’s possible to complete these levels without wasting a single shot. If you do this in 6 levels, the game will unlock the secret old-fashioned (black and white) mode.

Pro tip: To get through the Run & Gun Levels with no kills, get yourself a Smoke Bomb. This trick will make the task much simpler.

Don’t Invest in Health Upgrades

The last tip in our guide should be used by all Cuphead players, whether enjoying the base game or testing out the new Delicious Last Course adventure. One of the many inside-game purchases offered to players is a paid health upgrade. These offers can seem quite lucrative at first sight. However, experienced players don’t recommend investing in these upgrades.

According to advanced players, health updates can make your character’s attacks significantly weaker. So, eventually, buying them is a waste of money.

The Bottom Line

Cuphead’s base game has been a breakthrough in the gaming world. From the first weeks after its launch, the game has been rapidly gaining popularity, and it’s still trending now.

The release of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is something many gamers across the world have been waiting for. Now, the game is already available, and you can set off on an exciting journey to discover the fourth Inkwell Isle. And with the help of this guide, you can make your gaming experience even better. Use the do’s and don’ts from this article to make the most of this game and progress faster!


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