Customizable Strategy Card Game Dynasty Origins: Conquest 1st Year Mark Brings New Game Modes

Three Kingdoms, Ready for Your Taking! Dynasty Origins: Conquest launched the 1-year anniversary celebration on November 25, and all the gifts will be yours for the taking! Featuring an all-new Aptitude 20 Zhuge Liang and Battle of Guandu mode! The only thing left is for you to take the stage!

Anniversary Event: Barrage of Benefits

The all-new GvG mode, Battle of Guandu, is coming out for its 1-year anniversary. Battle of Guandu is the first cross-platform GvG game mode. Players from all the platforms can compete together in this Group versus Group game mode with two factions: Cao Cao’s Alliance and Yuan Shao’s Alliance. Each player will be assigned randomly assigned to one of several factions battling for the highest honor!

  • Better still, the Happy Tower Challenge will also be held during the anniversary. Celebrate a triumphant year in style, through the Russian block minigame.
  • Players who complete the Sign-in Quests each day will receive a wealth of prizes, including Red Packet Rains, Anniversary Candles, and Anniversary Avatar Frames.
  • Here’s to a great first year, and with all these new modes and benefits, it’s guaranteed to be a worthy celebration!

Three Kingdoms in Discussion: Players across the globe compete for digital collections

Dynasty Origins: Conquest places a focus on the concept of the Metaverse, with new digital collection modes and limited anniversary digital collections. The game integrates the development and compatibility of customizing collections with in-game tasks and solicited professional endorsements in order to create a digital collection ecology of “Intangible Cultural Heritage”. Collections obtained by players are not only valuable but also unlock benefits and illuminate the map of the owner’s kingdom. This kind of innovative and varied gameplay will ultimately translate to a more enjoyable digital collecting experience for the players.

Three Kingdoms in Play: Linking intangible heritage teachers to revitalize intangible cultural heritage

For this anniversary, Dynasty Origins: Conquest has joined with Anjing Sichuan Embroidery, inviting embroidery master and cultural inheritor Lu Li to design the general’s image. Master Lu combines the exquisite nature of the Sichuan embroidery style with the Gongbi Chinese painting style to visualize Zhuge Liang’s creative and dynamic use of his troops. This game recreates the texture and feel of Sichuan embroidery, bringing it to life in a digital format.

What’s more is that we’ve also joined with Zhuge Liang’s 51st generation descendant, Master Zhuge Wencang, to create an exclusive weapon for Zhuge Liang. The game has included the Kongming lock designed by Zhuge Wencang into the game, and we’ve also allowed players to enter the Zhuge Bagua village through the Kongming Lock promotional video, so as to let them get a closer look at this traditional skill. It is through the digital, nonphysical heritage, as well as the promotional potential of this game, that the Kongming Lock will exude a wholly new youthful energy.

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