‘Cyber Ops: Tactical Hacking Support’ On STEAM Challenges You To A Game Of Cybercrime & Terrorism

Produced by Octeto Studios and published by Games Operators in Poland, Cyber Ops: Tactical Hacking Support (Cyber Ops) is looking for new recruits on STEAM™, and if you are confident you have the skills, the talent and the wits to take on the role as Mission Control Supervisor, this is your opportunity! Cyber Ops challenges you to become a military hacker providing crucial surveillance, intelligence and support to a highly specialized black ops squad! 

Following a long and devastating war, the young nation of Baltia has earned its rights to freedom and the stakes are higher than ever. The Geist Division, a secret tactical unit initiated by the government to protect freedom and peace from cyberthreats is looking to you as an operator to provide remote support to the team deployed in urban terrains. Using advanced technology at your disposal you are in charge of devices and systems to guide the black ops squad to success. Your objective is to scan, hack, overtake and control devices, vehicles and even enemy cyborgs using technology from a remote location.

Cyber Ops offers an exciting story-driven gameplay experience in a cyberpunk theme and environment. The game features 6 hours of gameplay and real-time audio communication with agents on the field as you play. It is vital that you keep cool to ensure critical success. Help recruit new members to the squad and help develop new cyber implants to improve performance of each agent.

Cyber Ops has been praised and recognized for its gameplay; it was a finalist in the BIG Festival Brazil 2019 as Best GameBest Gameplay and Best Latin American game. It was also selected as Best Strat / Sim at Dreamhack Summer 2019, and an Official Selection at Digital Dragons 2019 and at the Indie Prize USA 2019 show.

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