Cyberpunk 2077 Review – PS4 Pro

Cyberpunk 2077 was developed and published by CD Projekt Red creators of the iconic Witcher Series everyone loves. I Expected much more from this game that was announced back in 2012. Overall my experience of content unrelated to the optimization issues we experienced is that it was well-written, had phenomenal voice acting, and had a great overall design of the world. I was very Intrigued however all that was ruined by the constant crashes, bugs, and instability of the game at launch on my last-gen console. While I would recommend this game to anyone I know... I would caution people to wait until all the Patches and cut content are added back into the game before purchasing it.
  • Phenomenal voice acting
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Engaging storyline
  • Lots of bugs and crashes
  • Character models do not look refined
  • Character creation not as intricate as hyped up to be
  • Horrible driving experience
Gameplay - 5
Graphics - 6
Audio - 8
Replayability - 7
Controls - 5

CD Projekt Red finally releases the coveted Cyberpunk 2077 game after multiple delays dating back to April 16th, 2020. These delays extended the release to December 10th, 2020 when the game was finally hit the floor on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia. The game was developed on REDengine by a team of over 500 people which exceeded the amount used to create The Witcher 3. A new division in Wroclaw, Poland was created in partnership with Nvidia, QLOC, Digital Scapes, and Jali Research to aid in funding the massive production. Keanu Reeves stars in the leading role guided by creator Mike Pondsmith with a soundtrack scored by Marcin Przybylowicz and several other contributing artists. In recent news Cyberpunk 2077 has been pulled off the Sony PlayStation store and has a massive amount of known bugged issues. CD Projekt Red is also under siege by its own investors who filed a class-action lawsuit claiming they received “Materially False and Misleading Statements”.  Here is our experience on PS4 Pro day one patch.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a Futuristic Action RPG that takes place on Earth in 2077. A future where everyone Replaces body parts with Cybernetically enhanced robotics all seen through the eyes of a first-person open-world experience. A place where Corporations, Gangs, hired guns, and mercenaries all roam the streets seeking greatness. In Cyberpunk 2077 you play V a Mercenary who is out to become a Legend in Night City. Whether it be the “right” or the “wrong” way a legend V will become… maybe.  Night City is a Fictional megalopolis located in California which will star as the main scenery for your adventure. Crime is Rampant and cops can be bought to get your way. Night City is full of characters like the Fixers, as the name implies, they will fix you up with missions and pay you to complete them. In Night City if you have the money anything can happen.

In Cyberpunk 2077 there are 3 Lifepaths to select from which integrate into the story as backgrounds that define where you start your carrier.


With “Corpo” you begin in a place called the Arasaka Tower as a counterintelligence agent. One day things go bad and your boss finds out and you are terminated from the company with nothing but the clothes on your back, your gun, and Wits of course. As a Corpo, you’ll have intelligent insight into corporate lingo used by various NPC’s around Night City. This allows you to make easy sense of certain types of fraud in dialogue options.

Street Kid

Street Kid is my personal Favorite you will start your path in your local ghetto helping the homies out with random tasks. Your favorite bar owner owes a fixer a large sum of money and you decide to help him out in the pinch. As they like to do in Night city things go wrong. Soon you find yourself with a gun pointed at your head, the cops show up, and the next thing you know you’re waking up in an alley. As a Street Kid, Night City’s underbelly will welcome you with open arms, allowing you to have immediate access to information relating to criminal activity.


Finally, there is a Lifepath called Nomad, and as the name suggests you wander outside of Night City in a place called the badlands. In the Badlands, you end up leaving your clan to pursue a better life which leads you in the attempt to smuggle something across the borders inside Night City which does not end up going your way. As a Nomad, you will have access to knowledge from other Nomads in Night City and you will also experience different dialogue options on subjects related to machinery or vehicles. Nomad also will allow you to see a cameo by YouTuber and former IGN presenter, Alanah Pearce.

No matter which life path you choose Jackie Wells will become the main constant in your story, make sure to keep tabs on him. I believe the Corpo and Streetkid lifepaths are more useful than Nomad due to the inherited associations gained from starting out inside Night City. While all lifepaths start out differently and have unique ways of dealing with situations, eventually they will converge in some general areas as the story progresses. I was really pleased with the effort put into the storylines in Night City they were on point.

We did have some issues with driving, I felt the steering was too sensitive in both cars and motorcycles. Maybe give them a pass on this due to the fact CD Projekt Red is not really known for their racing games? Overall, I felt the First-person shooter and combat aspect of the game felt good. I did not enjoy being forced to run back to NPCs on missions because they do not match your speed. As I recall in Witcher 3, Roach your horse would catch up if you got too far ahead of him. We also ran into our share of bugs with over 13 system crashes. In most cases the streets did not appear to be very populated compared to a normal city this size, we also saw NPCs walking through walls amongst other mission-related graphical issues. It’s clear this game was not designed for last-gen consoles which is a big letdown compared to what they promised us. Great story and a great game… “if” you have the hardware to run it.

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