Cygames announces SHADOWVERSE crossover with GRANBLUE FANTASY

Players who log on to the smash hit strategy game from Cygames can get hold of Granblue Fantasy-themed emblems and sleeves

Japanese game developer Cygames has announced a collaboration between two of its hit titles, Shadowverse and Granblue Fantasy.

During the campaign period, Shadowverse  players worldwide will be able to get their hands on emblems and sleeves featuring characters and imagery from Granblue Fantasy, one of Japan’s leading smartphone RPGs. Players will be able to unlock the in-game items by completing special in-game missions that will be playable for the duration of the campaign. Additional items will be unlocked just by logging in to the game during the campaign.

Since its launch in June last year, Shadowverse has established itself as Japan’s leading digital collectible card game, and is at the forefront of Japan’s burgeoning eSports scene. With Granblue Fantasy yet to debut outside of Japan, this crossover will give western gamers a chance to get their first taste of a game that continues to take Japan by storm since its
release in 2014.

The following missions and rewards will be available in Shadowverse during the Granblue Fantasy campaign period:

Mission 1 Reward Mission 2 Reward
Win 3 matches as Forestcraft Yuel emblem Win 6 matches as Forestcraft Yuel sleeve
Win 3 matches as Swordcraft Albert emblem Win 6 matches as Swordcraft Albert sleeve
Win 3 matches as Runecraft Magisa emblem Win 6 matches as Runecraft Magisa sleeve
Win 3 matches as Dragoncraft Forte emblem Win 6 matches as Dragoncraft Forte sleeve
Win 3 matches as Shadowcraft Cerberus emblem Win 6 matches as Shadowcraft Cerberus sleeve
Win 3 matches as Bloodcraft Vania emblem Win 6 matches as Bloodcraft Vania sleeve
Win 3 matches as Havencraft Jeanne d’Arc emblem Win 6 matches as Havencraft Jeanne d’Arc sleeve
Win 10 matches Bahamut emblem Win 20 matches Bahamut sleeve

Note: Clearing Mission 1 will unlock Mission 2.
(For example, winning 3 matches as Swordcraft will unlock the ‘Win 6 matches as Swordcraft’ mission.)
Note: players will need to win matches in Ranked, Unranked or Take Two game modes to complete missions. Solo Play and Private matches are not included in the win conditions.

Special Login Bonus Reward
Day 1 Olivier emblem
Day 2 50 rupees
Day 3 50 rupees
Day 4 Rise of Bahamut Card Pack Ticket
Day 5 Olivier card sleeves

The campaign will run from 5.00am JST on February 23 until 4.59am JST on March 10, 2017.
Please note that campaign details are subject to change.

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