Dangerous Driving 2 in Development, Looking to Capture the Feel of Burnout Paradise

The creators of Burnout have announced their next project – an open world follow-up to last year’s Dangerous Driving.

As of right now, Dangerous Driving 2 has a “Holiday 2020” release window for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and (unlike its predecessor) Nintendo Switch. It does make me wonder if it’ll turn-up on next-gen consoles too.

This sequel will be made by Three Fields Entertainment again – the British indie studio setup by former Criterion bosses, Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward. While Dangerous Driving took inspiration from Burnout‘s early era (aka Burnout 3), Dangerous Driving 2 looks set to riff on the series’ open world Paradise.

In a statement released by Three Fields Entertainment, the studio said the following about Dangerously Driving 2:

“Set within a dynamic open world, players can choose how they want to race, either by competing in a host of thrilling events against AI opponents or going for a cruise in free drive mode and testing the limits of the game’s emergent crash mechanics with huge multi-vehicle pile-ups. This world can be explored solo or in split-screen multiplayer, while those looking to challenge the best drivers around the globe can take the action online.”

Last year’s game was praised for bringing back Burnout‘s classic feel more than a decade after the franchise’s last full release, and now with the return to an open world setting, Dangerous Driving could be one to keep an eye on.

If you never played a single Burnout game, Dangerous Driving is a good place to start. But if you want to try Burnout, you can pick-up Burnout Paradise on PS4, Xbox One, and even PC.

As mentioned above, Burnout Paradise was an open world, racing game with a strong arcade style presence. It had more than just racing against the AI and other players, as you could race across the map against the AI in a mode called “Marked Man,” where you have to survive the onslaught of an aggressive AI trying to take you down before you get to your destination. In “Road Rage,” you would try to take down a certain number of opponents in a set time limit. “Stun Run” would challenge players to gather as many points as possible in a set time limit by either drifting, running through signs, or barrel rolling. There are more races than what I listed here and even challenges for you to play against your friends online.

From driving through billboards and fences, to finding Super Jumps and new cars to take down just to unlock them as you play. If the team at Three Fields Entertainment can capture the magic of what Burnout Paradise was and bring it forward with new elements to keep the game exciting and engaging in a fun way, that can bring players who played Burnout Paradise back – then the studio may have a big hit on its hands.

Keep your eyes on this one, folks … as we may be in for a fun ride!

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