Darksburg Unleashes Zombie Hordes, Roguelite Action on PC Sept. 23

Darksburg, the cooperative zombie roguelite action game from Northgard and Evoland studio Shiro Games, graduates from Steam Early Access and launches version 1.0 on Sept. 23, 2020 with a fresh roguelite gameplay loop.

Assemble a team of up to four Survivors and defend the medieval city of Darksburg from an undead uprising. Cut through hordes of shambling corpses and supernatural Revenants as Varag the wolfman, cookware-wielding innkeep Runolf, Sister Abigail the warrior nun, deadeye bounty hunter Rose, and the roster’s most recent addition, Dolorosa, the macabre medic. Complete objectives and liberate the town by synergizing special abilities and passive traits with coordinated battle plans while embracing the unpredictability of procedurally generated level layouts, dynamic enemy spawns, and randomized loot drops that change with each match.


Darksburg has taken a turn and transformed into a true co-op roguelite with Outbreak mode. Tuned with months of community feedback in mind, Outbreak is an endlessly replayable mode where Survivors can rank up and unlock new character perks while also enjoying reactive scaling to ensure solo players and seasoned squads alike are appropriately challenged.

Fend off the foes to unlock customization options, including new character skins, a range of difficulty options, and ascension levels to take the challenge up a notch. Gather rare ingots to obtain Curios, bonus-conferring items that can be equipped at the beginning of every match. Mix Curios with skills, perks, and abilities to give the Survivors a chance to surmount the endless flood of zombies and Revenants swarming Darksburg’s cobbled streets.

“Thanks to our community, Darksburg has evolved a great deal since arriving in Early Access this February,” said Adrien Briatta, Head of Marketing and Publishing, Shiro Games. “Their feedback helped us refine Darksburg into a special experience and we can’t wait to welcome new players into the fold when the game graduates from Early Access on Sept. 23.”

Darksburg version 1.0 will be available for $19.99 / €19.99 / £17.99 on Steam for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux starting Sept. 23, 2020.

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