Dashing Orange Now Accessible on All Major Consoles

Dashing Orange, the innovative 2D platformer developed by Nickolas Machado and ported & published by JanduSoft, has been released on multiple consoles, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. For Xbox enthusiasts, pre-orders commence today, with an official launch on Microsoft consoles slated for April 6th.

Dashing Orange: An Engaging Adventure in an Abstract World

This engaging 2D platformer emphasizes precision and fluidity, as players navigate an abstract world controlling a charming little Orange character. Throughout the journey, participants encounter a variety of mechanics and obstacles to conquer.

Over 25 New Mechanics and Challenges

Dashing Orange offers a plethora of unique mechanics and traps for gamers to master, such as jumping, wall-jumping, wall-sliding, and dashing. Players can expect a diverse gaming experience with 75 intricate stages that challenge their skills and adaptability.

Key Features of Dashing Orange

Some of the noteworthy features of Dashing Orange include:

  • 75 meticulously designed levels to challenge players’ abilities
  • Precise controls for various actions, such as jumping over spikes, dashing, and wall-climbing
  • An interactive element allowing players to paint levels with orange juice through jumping, dashing, or even dying
  • A steady introduction of new mechanics every three levels to maintain player interest and engagement

Availability and Pricing

Dashing Orange is now available for purchase at a price of US$ 3.99 / € 3.99. With its captivating gameplay and extensive list of features, Dashing Orange promises an exciting experience for platformer enthusiasts on all major consoles.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X | S

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