DayZ Secrets of Livonia Update Now Live

Bohemia Interactive has released DayZ update 1.19, entitled “Secrets of Livonia”, the game’s biggest update of the year. It’s packed with new and enhanced features, including new weapons, reworked locations, a new vehicle, and, most importantly, a secret underground complex located on the Livonia map. Those who enjoy driving through an apocalypse will also appreciate the update’s new vehicle simulations, which now provide a far smoother driving experience. And what better way to test those improvements than with a new and drivable military car?

Livonia received plenty of attention in this update. The DLC map is available on PC, as well as Xbox and PlayStation. The map features 163km2 of Polish-speaking land, and now offers many new locations and points of interest that complement the overgrown ruins and thriving wildlife that typically characterizes it. Sawmills, villages, quarries, summer camps, hunting cabins, improvised camps, amusement parks, and large deforested areas are spread throughout the map now. Best of all is an abandoned, underground military bunker, which requires special items to enter. Once inside, players must navigate darkened corridors while working together in order to explore the entire bunker.

Update 1.19 also introduces new and reworked vehicle simulations, which have fixed former issues like flying cars, and now offer a far more authentic driving experience. You can use the hand brake in your car now, carry spare wheels in special slots, and even honk at other players. To celebrate the improvements, the M1025 has been added – a drivable military vehicle that the community has been requesting for quite some time.

Update 1.19 offers plenty of new items and gadgets that can be used in the wasteland. First and foremost, it expands the arsenal of civilian weaponry. Take the SSG 82, for example, which is a brand-new sniper rifle. There’s also the BK-18 – a break-action, single-shot shotgun. And if you’re the type who tends to get lost while exploring, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the new GPS receiver. It works seamlessly with the in-game map and makes navigating the terrain far more immersive and a whole lot easier.

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