Dead by Daylight Receives Backlash For Latest Patch

Dead by Daylight will soon receive a new update from Behavior Interactive, but this is no typical mid-chapter patch as the changes made in this particular update have a great deal of the community up in arms.

There will be quite a bit of changes made in this next update. The Doctor in particular is getting some significant tweaks to his Shock Treatment power, which until now divided his kit into two different stances, “Treatment” and “Punishment.” Now, the Doctor will no longer have to change stances to use his ability and will instead have it mapped to a different button, which he can use while also having his weapon equipped. However, there’s a three second cooldown that prevents the Doctor from attacking immediately after shocking a Survivor so this isn’t as much of a buff as it might initially sound.

The Doctor is also receiving a new addition to his kit called Static Blast. This ability takes two seconds to charge and has a 60 second cooldown. Static Blast will shock any Survivor within the Doctor’s terror radius, inflicting 50 points of Madness. Survivors hit by this attack will scream and reveal their location to the Doctor. This new addition will certainly help the Doctor during the hunt, but its long cooldown will keep it from being abused.

There are many members of the community who are claiming that this is a nerf to Doctor, a character who is only consider mid-tier at best and sees little play in higher ranks. However, the developers have claimed that these changes are neither meant as a buff nor a nerf, but just a general rework of his power. Personally, I tend to agree with them on this as I can’t see the changes giving the Doctor that much of an advantage, but they also won’t do much to hurt him either. On another note, the Doctor will also be receiving his own unique chase music and his map — Treatment Theatre — is getting a complete overhaul.

But while the changes to the Doctor have upset many Dead by Daylight players, it’s the changes to the Ruin perk that have been truly rage inducing. Originally, Ruin was a perk that would make generators harder to repair. Survivors would either have to hit great skill checks or suffer a regression on the generator’s repair speed. However, Ruin was a hex perk that could be countered by finding its totem and destroying it. This could often make for games where Ruin was destroyed within seconds of the game beginning, thus removing it from the Killer’s arsenal for the entire match.

The upcoming changes to Ruin will remove all of its negative effects on skill checks, and instead make it so that generators that are not being worked on regress faster. This means that Killers will have to constantly push Survivors off of generators in order to get any use out of the perk. It seems to be intended as more of a mid-game perk than anything else, but the biggest problem with that lies in Ruin being a Hex perk. At least with the old Ruin, Killers could still get a bit of use out of it in the early game, even if it was destroyed only minutes after the match began. Now, it’s going to be difficult to get nearly as much of a benefit out of the perk.

Ruin was a mainstay in many Killer builds, often thought of as a necessary addition for achieving victory. Only time will tell whether or not this new Ruin can hold up to its original form, but on paper, it looks to be a complete nerf.

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