Dead by Daylight Reveals 14th Chapter

The Dead by Daylight news train just keeps on rolling with its latest reveal trailer, showcasing the new Survivor and Killer who will be joining the ranks of Behavior Interactive’s asymmetric horror game! But Chapter 14 of Dead by Daylight won’t be adding just any random Killer into the mix, but rather someone who has familial ties to one of the game’s already established Killers — the Spirit. More on that below, but first, it’s important that we break down the wild ride Behavior has put us on leading up to this latest reveal!

It all started on November 11th when Dead by Daylight’s official Twitter page posted an ominous gif featuring two Japanese swords mounted on a wall. Many eagle-eyed fans of the game were quick to point out that this was a shot taken directly from the trailer for Shattered Bloodlines, Dead by Daylight’s 9th chapter, in which we see the origin of the Spirit when she is brutally murdered by her deranged father. This alone was enough to get the community speculating on what Behavior might have up their sleeves, but it was only the beginning of the developer’s cheeky antics leading up to the latest chapter’s official reveal.

Later that day, there came yet another ominous post. This time was in the form of a short message: “Something’s missing…

It didn’t take long for fans to head into the game and find that on the Spirit’s map, the Yamoka Estate (the Spirit’s home in the game’s lore) one of those two wall-mounted swords had, in fact, disappeared from the game. Where did the blade go? Well, judging by the latest reveal trailer, right into the hands of the Oni, who, much like the Spirit, seems to be a member of the Yamoka family bloodline.

The identity of the Oni is a topic of much debate within the community, though the main theories are that it is either the first of the Yamoka family bloodline driven mad by the decline of his descendants or the Spirit’s own insane father. My personal theory is that the Killer is the Spirit’s father though, as in the Spirit’s lore, it’s pretty heavily implied that he communed with the Entity, the eldritch being which pulls Killers and Survivors from various moments in time to compete within its realm. In fact, the Entity seems to be one of the driving forces behind his descent into madness. Is it possible that the Entity had driven him to kill his own daughter knowing that it would create two Killers for its realm?

Chapter 14 will also be coming with a new survivor — Kimura Yui. As of now there’s no information on Kimura’s perks or whether or not she has any connections to the Yamoka family, but the trailer does show her being proficient with motorcycles. Survivors typically have perks based around their particular skills so it will be interesting to see how that translates with Kimura.

Finally, Chapter 14 will also be releasing with a new map called the “Sanctum of Wrath.” This map will be a new rendition of the Spirit’s “Yamoka Estate” map.

All the answers will be revealed next month when the Cursed Legacy chapter officially releases!

For more on Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter, stay tuned to!

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