Dead by Daylight Reveals Stranger Things Chapter

Dead by Daylight has made quite the name for itself within the horror community, offering not only a great deal of original Killers and Survivors to populate its world, but also a vast amount of licensed characters from some of the best films in horror history. Dead by Daylight will be adding yet another horror series to its extensive list of licensed chapters with its next major update, which revolves around Netflix’s popular homage to 80’s horror and science fiction — Stranger Things.

The update will bring an additional three playable characters. On the Survivor’s side, players can take control of Nancy Wheeler or Steve Harrington (two of the show’s main protagonists). As for the Killer’s side, gamers can take on the role of the Demogorgon (the main antagonist of Stranger Things Season 1). The Demogorgon’s unique Killer powers have yet to be revealed.

Additionally, a new map will be coming with the expansion — Hawkins National Laboratory. Specifically, the trailer adds, this will be placed within the underground section of the labs … which will undoubtedly be populated by the Upside Down’s rampant corruption.

All things considered, the Stranger Things update will be Dead by Daylight’s biggest chapter yet! In the past, most chapters came with one Killer, a Survivor, and a map. However, some chapters have come with even less. For example, Dead by Daylight’s last chapter only came with Ghostface (their latest licensed Killer) but it did not include a Survivor nor a map like most chapters before it. So, it seems as though these two additional Survivors will be taking steps to even out the roster.

As if that wasn’t enough, dedicated servers are also supposed to launch around the same time. Although Dead by Daylight’s developer, Behaviour Interactive, has not given an exact date as of yet. Judging by their previous comments, dedicated servers should launch by the end of this summer.

Finally, a new feature known as the Archives are estimated to drop somewhere in the middle of this chapter. The Archives will be providing players with more replayability in Dead by Daylight, offering new quest trees to grind for rewards. Additionally, the Archives will be serving as a way for players to learn more about the world of Dead by Daylight and the many characters who populate it (although details on what exactly players can expect from this are scarce at the moment). Behaviour Interactive has mentioned that there is a chance that they will push back the Archives, as they want this feature to be perfect upon release … so time will tell if the next mid-chapter patch will indeed bring all of this new content along with it.

Dead by Daylight has certainly grown quite a name for itself. For fans of the horror genre, it’s currently the only place where players can find so many diverse Survivors and Killers under one roof. From Halloween’s Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, to Ash Williams of the Evil Dead series, Dead by Daylight is the place to go for licensed horror content!

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