Dead Cells Gets Huge Brutal Update on Steam on November 14, 2017

Dead Cells players: It’s time to re-arm yourself, because we’re jumping back into the prison. Motion Twin is happy to announce a huge autumn update with a heaping 25% more content added to the game on Steam tomorrowNov. 14, 2017.

There are many important features added as well as improvements to balancing, level design, graphics & UI, and general bug fixes.

First off, the old tier system (Strength/Skills/Health) has been replaced by a new system (Brutality/Tactic/Survival).

  • Brutality (red): includes all weapons (except shields)
  • Tactic (purple): includes all active skills
  • Survival (green): includes all shields

Some items (weapons or skills) are Dual colors, which means they can rely on two different stats, and use the highest value. You may also encounter random Colorless items: these ones will always use your best stat.

Here are the effects of these new three stats when you augment them:

  • Brutality (red): raise all red item damage, add +18% life
  • Tactic (purple): raise all purple item damage, reduce all active cooldowns
  • Survival (green): raise all green item damage, add +40% life

How you choose to level up is now more important than ever.

Other notable features include:

  • Two new biomes: the infamous Clock Tower and the mysterious Slumbering Sanctuary. Both include new enemies and loot.
  • The Watcher boss is now a mid-game boss, while the new Assassin boss becomes the final encounter. Note that the current game ending still isn’t definitive: Motion Twin plans to add the real game nemesis in a later update.
  • All Cursed treasures now drop Colorless items. Right now, it’s the only way to get this kind of item.
  • 10 new items, including weapons, shields and active skills!
  • Four new enemy types!
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