Deciphering the Most Popular Bonuses at Online Casinos

As the pandemic closes the once-loved brick-and-mortar casinos ‘until further notice,’ plenty of new opportunities arise for online platforms offering the most loyal conditions for players from all over the world. But not only that: understanding the necessity to keep up with the times, many countries and states are unbanning online gambling or at least alleviating the restrictions on online games.

The ever-increasing competition in online gambling improves the overall standards in the industry, giving birth to lots of credible casinos. However, the euphoria can still backfire on the inexperienced players careless enough to jump on the bandwagon of newly created casinos luring newcomers into spending their money by offering allegedly generous bonuses aka mere hooks.

Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert to understand how it works as the whole mechanics of casino freebies boils down to a few simple principles, the ones we’re going to elaborate on right now. Without further ado, let’s dig into it!

Casino Limitations on the Way to Your Well-Deserved Bonus

Once you get your first experience with casino bonuses, the common misconception “I’ll just grab the free money and cash it out immediately” falls apart as you understand the demands of the casino:

  • Wagering requirement. Welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, daily bonuses, and most casino perks for that matter can only be cashed out after you complete the so-called wagering requirement, the one indicating the amount of money you must wager on the games participating in the promotion. For example, if $100 must be wagered 20 times, then it can only be cashed out after $2,000 is wagered on the eligible games.
  • Max size of the bonus and the winnings made using it. Since casinos don’t want lucky players to bankrupt them, they tend to establish reasonable limits as to the maximum size of the bonus and the winnings that can be made using the bonus money. Most bonuses are limited to a few hundred or thousand dollars, whereas the limit regarding the bonus winnings correlates with the size of the bonus, though it’s rarely more than a few hundred dollars.

The limitations above are not the only ones you can meet at both credible online casinos and hundreds of debatable ones. Certain countries, payment methods, and games might be excluded from the bonus offer, or there might be any other unexpected barriers, which leads to the following takeaways:

  1. Do not take action before you’ve read the bonus terms & conditions at your casino.
  2. Do not judge the bonus by its glitz: the size of the bonus is only one of the numerous aspects determining its usefulness.

Now that you know the laydown on casino bonuses, you might think it’s too hard to find the one with great utility. Well, that might take some time, but there are at least two worthwhile perks: casino bonus bez depozytu and no-wagering bonuses.

Bonuses with Very Few or No Strings Attached

  • No-deposit bonuses. No-deposit bonuses do not require a real-money deposit and are granted as a welcoming encouragement for registering a gambling account. You shouldn’t expect to get more than a few dozen dollars, but hey, that’s better than nothing, especially considering it bears no risks.
  • No-wagering bonuses. Even though no-wagering bonuses usually require a real-money deposit, the absence of wagering is a blessing as such bonuses can be instantly cashed out.

Is it Worth Trying to Wager Your Bonus?

Most bonuses do require wagering, so you have to learn to choose the ones worth it. To separate the wheat from the chaff, consider the balance between:

  1. Bonus size: the bigger, the better, though bigger bonuses are generally harder to playthrough.
  2. Wagering requirement: anything bigger than 20x the size of the bonus is absurd. Do not fall for casinos requesting 50x or 70x wagering unless you’re willing to beat the odds.
  3. Whether the wagering applies only to the bonus or also to the bonus winnings. That’s super important! Unfortunately, there are still casinos that confuse players by hiding the fact that the wagering requirement applies to BOTH the bonus and the bonus winnings.

Last but not least, make sure to study the bonus terms & conditions webpage for other possible limitations, as there are bazillions of restrictions that can become an insurmountable obstacle on the way to your well-deserved bonus.

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