Deep Rock Galactic enforcers Ghost Ship Games and Coffee Stain Publishing are pleased to announce a host of exciting new initiatives to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview launch. Potential new recruits have the chance to embark on a perilous probation period in a Free Weekend on Steam from today until March 4th, and Deep Rock Galactic is celebrating with a 25% sale on Steam and Xbox Game Preview and a festive update.

To mark this momentous occasion Deep Rock Galactic is encouraging employees to let loose with update 22. Recruits can enjoy a time limited one year celebration hat, festive space rig dressing, and most importantly, an all day happy hour in the Abyss Bar where all beverages are half price courtesy of Deep Rock Galactic management. Update 22 also introduces weekly assignments where miners can earn hefty bonuses in credits and minerals, and 13 new items of headgear. The Supporter Upgrade DLC on Steam has also been updated with new weapon skins and an exclusive Ghost Ship Games helmet.

Deep Rock Galactic first began officially recruiting brave space mining dwarves on February 28th, 2018 when it launched on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview and the team recently celebrated over 500k sales across both platforms. Since launch, the game has seen an enormous array of new content introduced across a plethora of new updates, including the brand new ice biome, new game modes, new enemies, and new weapons, armour and gadgets for its badass dwarven miners.

Ghost Ship Games has also been releasing regular updates to the Deep Rock Galactic roadmap which promises more new enemies, mission types, a new boss encounter and a revamped Space Rig, all slated to appear in the next four months. To reflect the current state of the game and the exciting new content that’s yet to come, the price of Deep Rock Galactic will increase to $29.99/€27.99€/£24.99 on Steam and Xbox Game Preview in late March.

“This year has been an absolute whirlwind for us. We’ve been completely blown away by the success of Deep Rock Galactic,” said Søren Lundgaard, CEO/Co-Founder of Ghost Ship Games. “We have an incredible community who we work alongside in our attempt to develop the best dwarven co-op space shooter in the galaxy, and we hope we can continue to make them proud as we move towards full release.”

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