Deep Rock Galactic Unveils Season 04: Critical Corruption with Experimental Launch

Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games have revealed the highly anticipated details and narrated trailer for Season 04 of Deep Rock Galactic, the cooperative mining shooter that has garnered numerous awards. The latest season, titled “Critical Corruption,” introduces a wealth of exciting new content for players to enjoy.

The action begins today with the launch of Deep Rock Galactic Season 04 on Steam Experimental. Players can delve into the game’s immersive world and experience the thrill of mining alongside their friends. Critical Corruption offers a host of thrilling features, including four new diseased enemies, the ability to soar through the air with jet boots, and an opportunity to showcase their style on the runway in the signature Hoxxes IV fashion. Additionally, players can look forward to a completely free seasonal Performance Pass, which unlocks a range of exciting rewards.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 04: Critical Corruption is set to launch on June 15th on Steam, with console players joining the adventure on June 22nd.

Ghost Ship Games Reveals Full Details of Season 04: Critical Corruption

Today, Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games have unveiled the comprehensive details of Season 04: Critical Corruption, the latest content update for Deep Rock Galactic. The update, available on Steam’s Experimental Branch starting today, brings an array of new features and challenges for players to enjoy. On June 15, the update will go live on all servers, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the ongoing battle against the Rockpox plague.

Season 04 introduces four new enemy types, each affected by the devastating Rockpox disease. The Mactera Bombers and Naedocyte Breeders have fallen victim to the plague, becoming carriers of the deadly infection. These enemies now pose an even greater threat to the dwarves as they relentlessly spread the disease. Additionally, the plague hearts have gained mobility and an insatiable bloodlust, transforming into Lithophage Corruptors. These powerful adversaries require a new in-game event and the utilization of company-issued cleaning equipment to weaken them before they can be eliminated for good.

Deep Rock Galactic’s brave dwarves face more than just infected creatures lurking in the depths of the mines. The Glyphid Stingtail and Glyphid Septic Spreader, two new enemy types capable of inflicting significant damage, have been sighted in the treacherous tunnels.

Jet Boots: A New Dimension of Gameplay

Deep Rock Galactic ensures its dwarves are well-equipped for their perilous mining expeditions. In Season 04, the game introduces a remarkable new safety feature: Jet Boots. Hidden within coded crates scattered throughout the caves, these fashionable and functional boot attachments grant dwarves the power of flight. This newfound ability provides a significant advantage against any dangers they may encounter during their subterranean adventures. To ensure proper training and avoid workplace accidents, Mission Control has installed a Jetty Boot training terminal in the Space Rig. Recreational use of the jet boots is strictly prohibited, as they are intended solely for professional use.

Dressed to Impress on Hoxxes IV

Season 04 of Deep Rock Galactic brings a delightful array of fashionable content. The developers understand that when dwarves look good, they feel good—and they become even more efficient at battling diseases. Mission Control has approved a “suns out, guns out” dress code for the summer season, allowing dwarves to don sleeveless versions of their owned sets. This newfound fashion freedom enables dwarves to express their individuality while combating the challenges of Hoxxes IV. Additionally, the Abyss Bar now offers a new brew called the Randoweisser. This unique beverage assists dwarves in selecting their daily look by providing a completely random assortment of owned cosmetics.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 04: Critical Corruption promises to deliver an exciting and immersive experience for players of Deep Rock Galactic. With its new enemies, Jet Boots, and fashionable content, the game continues to push boundaries and provide an engaging cooperative mining shooter experience.

As players explore the mines of Hoxxes IV, they will encounter four new enemy types affected by the Rockpox disease. The Mactera Bombers and Naedocyte Breeders, previously formidable foes, have succumbed to the plague and become carriers of the infection. To make matters worse, the plague hearts have gained mobility and a bloodlust, evolving into the formidable Lithophage Corruptors. Overcoming these resilient adversaries will require strategic planning and effective use of the company-issued cleaning equipment.

Deep Rock Galactic not only introduces new enemies but also equips dwarves with a game-changing tool: Jet Boots. These stylish attachments can be found in coded crates within the caves. By strapping on the Jet Boots, dwarves gain the power of flight, granting them a significant advantage against their foes. However, it is essential to undergo proper training using the Jetty Boot training terminal in the Space Rig to ensure safety and compliance with company regulations.

In addition to the intense gameplay and new enemies, Season 04 presents a range of fashionable content. Mission Control has approved a summer dress code that allows dwarves to showcase their style with sleeveless versions of their owned sets. This gives them the freedom to express their individuality while battling the challenges of Hoxxes IV. Moreover, the Abyss Bar introduces a unique brew called the Randoweisser, which offers a whimsical solution for dwarves who can’t decide on their look. By providing a random selection of owned cosmetics, the Randoweisser adds an element of surprise and spontaneity to the dwarves’ appearance.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 04: Critical Corruption is set to captivate players with its thrilling gameplay, new enemies, and exciting features. Whether soaring through the air with Jet Boots, facing off against infected infestations, or embracing the new fashion options, players can expect an unforgettable cooperative mining experience. Get ready to join the ranks of brave dwarves as they fight against the spreading corruption and unearth the secrets of Hoxxes IV.

In case you missed it find out information about the previous season 4 here.

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows

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