Demon Skin Releases Today on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch!

ESDigital Games and Ludus Future’s Demon Skin, the hack’n’slash with RPG, platforming, and fighting mechanics, has finally been released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $9.99 / €9,99. The game will also be available on the Epic Games Store soon. To celebrate the console release, Demon Skin will have a 20% discount for two weeks on all platforms (on PlayStation, it will be limited to PlayStation Plus members). Moreover, the game features for free the DLC previously released on Steam, Crossroad of the Worlds, which explores the main character’s past before turning into a monster-smashing demon. The console version also adds controller-focused controls and bug fixing.

The darkness has spread to the far-off corners of the universe, and now it threatens the entire world. Only the mighty Order of Wanderers whose members possess superhuman divine powers can resist that threat. One of the Wanderers witnesses a sinister ritual of restoring a powerful ancient artifact. In an attempt to break off the ceremony, he gets into a flow of energy released by the artifact and instantly turns into a demon. To regain his former appearance, the Wanderer will need the stolen artifact, which sends him on a quest to find it while fighting hordes of demons along the way.

Demon Skin is a dark fantasy hack’n’slash that combines unique combat mechanics, RPG, and fighting game elements with some platformer features. With its flexible combat system, players can develop their unique tactics by skillfully combining stances with various types of weapons to achieve efficiency in battle. The game features more than 30 types of edged and blunt weapons that are effective against certain types of enemies. Players can even destroy enemies with their bare hands for some fun.

The game’s combat system allows players to improve their skills and master various stances for parrying and inflicting maximum damage with finishing moves. To become a more powerful demon, players can collect crystal shards to improve their armor. Additionally, players can unlock new perks in the skill tree and find rare and ancient artifacts that will allow them to unlock special abilities after reaching a certain level.

Demon Skin is a game that combines various gameplay elements to offer an enjoyable experience for hack’n’slash fans. The game’s combat system is flexible, with a wide range of weapons and stances to choose from. Players can also improve their character by unlocking new perks and artifacts. With the added Crossroad of the Worlds DLC, Demon Skin’s console release is even more exciting. So, grab your axe and sword, and get ready to face hordes of demons in Demon Skin.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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