Deponia Doomsday is Coming to Xbox One Later This Year

By Jan Müller-Michaelis, Creative Director at Daedalic Entertainment

I still remember very well how the story of Deponia began: When I first introduced the idea to our CEO Carsten Fichtelmann – that is, the idea of an adventure game set on a junk-covered world called Deponia, starring an arrogant antihero, Rufus, who turns any situation to his advantage – he was skeptical. After all, who would find a character teeming with arrogance likeable? Fortunately, lots of people loved him: I was able to develop an entire trilogy about Deponia, with its unconventional 2D comic graphics and crazy, black-humored characters.

In Deponia Doomsday, Rufus wants to escape from Deponia to the spaceship-city of Elysium, to live the high life – in the truest sense of the word. However, his latest escape experiment goes wrong (as usual), and instead, he meets the Elysian Goal, who he falls desperately in love with and who he sees as the key to his ascension. A turbulent comedy of errors ensues, in the course of which Rufus somewhat accidentally triggers a revolution… and a multitude of other disasters.

Deponia Doomsday is the final and biggest part of the Deponia saga – and for me, it’s a very special chapter. Not only is the game making its debut on Xbox One, which makes me incredibly proud, but it also finds Rufus traveling through time. You can only imagine how this anarchist would use his power to change the past, present and future!

However, Rufus also has good reason to manipulate time: One night, he dreams that the floating city of Elysium falls, that hideous monsters inhabit the junk planet Deponia, and that he himself is apparently the sole survivor. He sees only one way out: Deponia must be blown up! What a terrible nightmare… or is it a true vision? With the time machine that, as luck would have it, is parked right beside him, he attempts to jump back and forth between decades to find out the truth – always with the goal in mind to become the hero of the nation. And, of course, to save the planet and as many human lives as possible.

Many players have asked me why we at Daedalic Entertainment haven’t made the leap to the Xbox One before now, and why we have been focusing mainly on the PC. This is simply because we didn’t have enough active support before. But my team has grown, and this opens up new possibilities that we are taking advantage of right away.

We feel very honored that Microsoft has given us the chance to do this, and want to make the new audience’s introduction to the adventure as easy as possible. So Deponia Doomsday‘s time travel plot is perfect: New players not only learn about past events, but also get to know familiar characters from the previous games. I guarantee that the PC players are in no way ahead of you in terms of the story!

If you want to learn more about Deponia, you can take a look around our website and find out more about the chaotic protagonist. I hope that you’re looking forward to Deponia Doomsday, and that you’re keeping a spot empty on your Xbox One games shelf!

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