Destiny’s Sword Launches Campaign for Ambitious, Genre-Bending MMORPG

2Dogs Games is proud to announce the start of a KickStarter initiative for its groundbreaking MMORPG, Destiny’s Sword. From its unique features, sandbox gameplay elements and an epic story written by prolific fantasy and sci-fi author M. D. Cooper, Destiny’s Sword is out to shake up the MMO genre. Destiny’s Sword is the first RPG of its kind – where characters can “feel” up to 80 emotions – good and bad – through proprietary algorithms 2Dogs Games calls the Insight Engine.

To help tell the stories of this brave new sci-fi universe, 2Dogs Games has enlisted the help of one of the world’s most prolific authors. M. D. Cooper took the world by storm with his debut novel, Outsystem. Since then, he has penned more than 70 books based around an original universe, Aeon 14. One of his hallmarks is his focus on character motivations and how players consider their actions. M. D. has already penned an original short story for the KickStarter project about Jada, one of the main characters in Destiny’s Sword. The story will be released for free at the thousand-backer mark.

Destiny’s Sword is unlike any other MMO with its emphasis on robust, well-known features in addition to social gameplay and management of character’s psychology and mental health. Players can expect to find a persistent PvP faction war, a fully-featured guild system, cooperative gameplay elements, boss battles, and a quest-like system. All of this is packaged inside the proprietary Insight Engine that provides a psychological simulation of all in-game characters (up to 80 emotions) and gives each player a unique personality, backstory and life story.

Destiny’s Sword will launch testing opportunities for PC via Steam later in 2019, with an Open Beta in early 2020.

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