Destiny’s Sword Pre-Alpha Demo Release Celebrates Veterans Day & Remembrance Day

2Dogs Games is a proud supporter of veterans around the world whose courageous stories of active- and post-service life have inspired Destiny’s Sword, the genre-bending online social RPG. Developers plan to release the first-ever public demo of the game on Steam in celebration of Veterans Day and Remembrance Day on November 11, 2019.

Destiny’s Sword is a story-driven online strategy RPG that cultivates empathy, strategic thinking, and cooperation while exploring the long term consequences of conflict.

The game is built on a sci fi space opera novel, which is being written exclusively for 2Dogs Games by best-selling sci-fi author M. D. Cooper. Against this rich backdrop every one of the thousands of players shapes their unique story, intertwined with the other players’ experiences – all vying for the opportunity to play their way into the next novel in the ongoing series.

The pre-alpha demo offers an early look at a slice of life in Destiny’s Sword, from leading your squad in battle to dealing with the aftermath of war back in the barracks.

Venture Beat says that Destiny’s Sword is “a game that makes you care about your soldiers”, while Gamespot calls it “an unexpectedly compassionate look at warfare and the people it impacts.”

USA Today writes, “Destiny’s Sword is a video game where mental health is as important as combat strategy.”


2Dogs Games is working closely with mental health organization Take This and veterans’ support group Spartan Wellness, to ensure they approach mental health and the long term impact of combat with dignity and respect.

Everyone is invited to come and find out why critics are calling Destiny’s Sword “an MMO with a heart”. The pre-alpha demo offers behind the scenes access to development, so players can check out the game and head over to the Steam page to add Destiny’s Sword to their wishlists ahead of its planned 2020 release.

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