Sheeple's finally lost it! He is convinced that everything's just part of a giant videogame and that he was coded to simply be a side-character. Which is why he decided to recode himself to become the...

8.8 Great

Slime-san – PC Review

I have nothing but respect for speedrunners.To be able to find frame perfect jumps and move with such perfection, it’s exquisite to me. I usually don’t watch let’s plays for games, b...

8.8 Great

“Sheeple’s Sequel”, Slime-san’s 2nd Massive & Free DLC

Slime-san’s second DLC Slime-san: Sheeple’s Sequel is now available on Steam! Like the first DLC, this will be a FREE update to everyone who owns Slime-san, however, you can also individua...

8.8 Great

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