Developer Nuverse is Hosting Two Lectures at GDC on Pioneering Machine Learning to Advance NPC Speech and Animation in Games

Two lectures at GDC will go into detail on how new technology will give more life to NPCs in future games.

Advanced technology which will allow gamers to have a more realistic experience when diving into their favorite video games is on the horizon! Set to host two lectures at the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) from March 20th to 24th in San Francisco, Developer Nuverse will be doing a deep dive into the GPT-3 AI and will show off how they plan to use this new technology to further advance how future games will look and feel as well as a lecture on high-quality rendering in games and how to tackle issues related to this topic.

The main goal of GPT-3 is to advance NPC speech and animation in games. Nuverse hopes to use GPT-3 to truly bring all characters in games to life, increasing realism and immersion for players. Players will notice this change as one-dimensional characters have more meaningful interactions and the ability to show a wide range of believable actions and expressions. High-quality rendering, on the other hand, tackles the complex issue of moving games from PC to mobile and more and will help current and future developers to improve their titles.

During the GDC lectures, Nuverse plans to expand on how realistic they can make their characters through paralinguistic elements. Through these elements, the development teams will be able to achieve realistic emotional expression. It will also enhance character speech in the game, using facial animation along with synthesis systems that would provide natural-sounding voices. These generated voices have been put into Nuverse’s upcoming science fiction survival title Earth: Revival and the majority of players could not tell that the voices were synthesized.

Nuverse says that this new technology is effective and very promising. Testing shows that the outcomes of animations are being welcomed and praised by both professional artists and ordinary users, which signals the depth and robustness of the system. When it comes to workload, Nuverse states that the system takes less than 800 milliseconds to generate speech and compute full-body animations, without any manual intervention. It only took 30 minutes to generate over 11 hours of narrative animation for Earth: Revival!

Nuverse’s second lecture changes topics to focus on high-quality rendering in games and how they plan to tackle the issues that come with it. The team will be going into detail on the following issues: how to scale high-quality rendering from PC to mobile to make them as close as possible, how to cover as many mobile devices as possible, and what valuable attempts have been made in the implementation of rendering features.

Look out for Nuverse’s lectures which will be presented by the Earth: Revival team at The Game’s Developer Conference from March 20th through the 24th, 2023.

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