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It’s been a month since all the excitement at E3 and the hype has finally started to die down. One of the games I am most excited for is Devil May Cry 5. The franchise’s previous installment, Devil May Cry 4, was released over 10 years ago in 2008. Die hard fans of the series have eagerly awaited the next chapter in the gunslinger’s story. 


In June of 2017, Devil May Cry director Hideaki Itsuno announced that he was working on a new project related to the franchise and that development was “progressing smoothly”. Many fans, myself included, assumed it to be Devil May Cry 5, as we had all patiently been waiting to jump into the next adventure with our favorite devil hunters. At this year’s E3 we finally got our wish in the form of arguably one of the most exciting trailers to date.

Within the trailer we see some familiar faces as well as a few new ones. The video focuses primarily on Nero, our protagonist from Devil May Cry 4. Nero’s design may have changed drastically from his last appearance but he’s still got the same smart ass personality, voiced perfectly by Johnny Yong Bosch. The story is set roughly 20 years after the final confrontation with Sanctus, the leader of the Order of the Sword, so his design has aged appropriately


We can assume the story is set before the events of Devil May Cry 2, the game equally loved and hated by the fanbase, since there is currently no way to explain the absence of characters from the third, fourth, and fifth games. Nero appears to be working for the Devil May Cry business as evidenced by the neon sign on his van, which was previously hung outside his office. Whether or not he settled down with Kyrie or joined DMC sometime afterwards remains to be seen.

Nero returns sporting a new haircut and a stylish new jacket (although I prefer the old one), wielding his battle companion the Red Queen, a customized sword he obtained during his time with The Order, as well as his double-barreled revolver, the Blue Rose. Most notable however, is that he is no longer in possession of his Devil Bringer arm. Instead, his glowing demonic arm has been replaced by a cybernetic prosthetic. Upon seeing this change, I was admittedly pretty mad to say the least, alongside many other fans. Thankfully, this change was also addressed during the trailer where we see someone holding Nero’s Devil Bringer arm, having cut or torn it off.


During the same scene, Nero is heard yelling out Kyrie’s name, although she is not seen at any point during the trailer. Her fate is unknown, but, judging from how badly the now seasoned devil hunter got beat down, the outlook is not good. Perhaps she was taken by whomever stole the Devil Bringer, which would be much preferred over just writing her character off at the beginning of the story.

As for the identity of the shadowy figure that removed Nero’s arm, it’s anyone’s guess. Many have speculated that Vergil is to blame. If it was indeed Nero’s own father, that would promise for one hell of an emotional story. We know Vergil didn’t care for his mother or brother, and even willingly attempted to kill Dante several times during their battles on Temen-ni-gru. The last time we see Vergil chronologically is in the form of Nelo Angelo, under the control of the Demon King Mundus. Unless Vergil has overthrown Mundus in some crazy plot twist, I don’t think it will be him.


So, if it’s not Vergil, who else could it be? How many people really knew of Nero’s Devil Bringer, let alone the fact that it possessed Vergil’s Yamato? The sword was an heirloom left to Vergil by his father, Sparda, so perhaps it was one of Sparda’s enemies, such as Mundus. I believe the enemy is more interested in the Yamato, since it was not only a weapon once possessed by the Legendary Dark Knight, but also because it was irreparable until Nero activated his Devil Trigger and restored it via his new abilities. Nothing is confirmed though and these are just my crazy fan theories.

Nero’s cybernetic replacement is called the Devil Breaker, an extremely versatile prosthetic built by his new partner, Nico. Her origin is still unknown to us, as is her role during actual gameplay. Perhaps she could serve as a companion character, although that might dilute the “one-man army” playstyle that makes this series popular. One way of incorporating her would be the ability to summon her to upgrade Nero’s weapons or Devil Breaker, similar to the demon statues from the previous games. I will admit, based off the trailer alone, I am not a fan of Nico. Her personality seems a little over the top and a bit annoying, but I will reserve my final judgment for when the game is released.


Lastly, the Son of Sparda, Dante himself, makes a brief appearance in the trailer, riding a decked out motorcycle more reminiscent of a demon than an actual bike. He appears to be wearing a different jacket than his classic blood red trench coat, however the scene is only seconds long. We can expect to see his signature handguns Ebony and Ivory as well as his iconic claymore, the Rebellion. I would like to see Dante collect other weapons throughout the game, as in every other installment of the series. Even though I love the Red Queen, it would be nice to see Nero get some new weapons.

The gameplay looks absolutely amazing and just as fast paced as we have come to expect from the franchise, but with cool new tricks and gadgets such as Nero’s new arm. The one thing that I really want to see is the ability to switch styles and weapons mid combat like we could in Devil May Cry 4, without having to use any of the in-game menus. The ability to switch styles as Dante with just a single button made combat fluid and allowed you to continuously stack up stylish points to maintain the triple “S” rank. The photorealism graphics makes this easily one of the most beautiful games of our time, earning it an 11 out of 10. The ability to make the gameplay graphics look just as real as the cinematic cutscenes is a feat in and of itself, and one we welcome with open arms.


When it comes down to it, Devil May Cry 5 is going to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2019. With beautifully appealing graphics and the action packed, fast paced gameplay, Devil May Cry 5 is sure to be an exciting experience for everyone!

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  1. I honestly wish I was more into these games because they look like SO MUCH FUN!

    • You really should try them out. They are really action packed and the stories are just amazing.

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