Dia de los Muertos Event Comes to Humankind in November Update

Starting now, the “Fabius Maximus” update brings new game settings, balance changes, and mod support to PC. Plus, all players can participate in the Dia de los Muertos event throughout November by completing challenges to earn rewards!



  • Resource abundance: New map settings are being added for resource abundance. Players can control the amount of luxury and strategic resources placed on the map. This should allow you to customize the level of conflict or cooperation required for success to your liking.
  • Avatar and persona system: Added a “random persona” option when picking your opponents, so if you prefer to be surprised during your match, you can now face an unknown enemy. Also adding a button on the persona screen to upload it to Games2Gether or download it if you are playing on a different PC than usual.
    Color picker settings: Added a color picker to the game settings that allows you to adjust the color of the subtitles and the available empire colors, including presets for common forms of color blindness.


  • Neolithic era: Changes to the Neolithic era to slow down growth and limit the early power spike gained from delaying the Ancient era (less food gained from Sanctuaries, stronger mammoths).
  • Late game: Bringing the cost of technologies and constructions in line with the resource yields achieved by players, as well as stability impact of districts and wondrous luxury resources making it hard to maintain very high stability in the late game.
  • Cultures: We are rebalancing some cultures, particularly those most often brought up as too strong or too weak. The developers have also re-examined combat strength and cost of units both emblematic and general.
  • Civics: Revised the effect of several civics including Nuclear Disarmament.
  • Affinities: Have also rebalanced the expansionist affinity to make it more appealing.


  • Modding tools: Have integrated mod.io in the game now, so you can simply log into your account through the game and let it download any maps and mods you subscribed to on the Humankind mod.io page. The first version of the Humankind mod tools will also soon be available on Steam, allowing you to create your own content for the game.


  • Pay homage to the departed and celebrate the Dia de los Muertos in the first HUMANKIND Seasonal Event from November 3rd – 30th, 2021!
  • Although marked throughout Latin America, Dia de los Muertos is strongly associated with Mexico, where the tradition originated from a blend of Mesoamerican, European, and Catholic customs.
  • During this time of the year, the border between the spirit world and the living world dissolves, and the souls of the dead may return to feast, drink, dance, and play music with their loved ones.
  • Time to join calacas y calaveras and complete all the Chapter challenges before November 30th to earn new Symbols, Decorations, and the Catrina avatar preset for your collection!
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